All Muller Light Yogurts 61p each or 12 for £3 @ Morrisons

All Muller Light Yogurts 61p each or 12 for £3 @ Morrisons

Found 28th Dec 2010
Enjoy - seems a pretty good price ;-)
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picked up some today v good deal
Yogurt makes you live long and makes digestion easy and cleans the guts of residue even stuck and well dug in fingernails (some kids can't stop biting them) as well as numerous other benefits. Have some plain yogurt with food everyday. Thickish Greek style is best.

To make your own: heat some milk BUT do not let it boil and milk does boil and spill within an instant so you watch it like a hawk. As soon as you see many bubbles coming up just before boiling point, take it off and let it cool. There are yogurt thermometres but here is an easy trick. As soon as the tip of your elbow is just on the threshold of not being burnt then that is 'the time'. Women with thinner skin should do it a little sooner. Now quickly add a big spoonful of thick (not runny) yogurt to the large pot of hot milk and put the lid on. Wrap it in a blanket and put it in a cupboard. Large flasks work too. A warm place like near a boiler is best otherwise a cupboard is fine. Put a note on it so people do not make a mess. Next day you have a large pot of cheap fresh organic yogurt that lasts for ages. If you drain it in muslin or cloth you can have it as thick as you want Greek style. Extremely thick yogurt is a specialty and you can try that with a small portion. The drained water if well blended or whisked with a generous amount of yogurt and salt becomes a lassi drink as you get in Indian take-aways. Test making your own with a some milk. Sainsburys does nice plain pots for 45p.
This works out as 4 for a pound.. Don't Asda do it for 5 for a pound when on offer?
This offer is on,apparantly,until the 25th January
OUCH! 61p for any yoghurt let alone a light one!
At least it's normal price if you are forced to buy 12.
But why should you?
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