**ALL NEW; FULL LIST** Universal/Sony DVDs - £2 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)
**ALL NEW; FULL LIST** Universal/Sony DVDs - £2 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

**ALL NEW; FULL LIST** Universal/Sony DVDs - £2 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

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IN-STORE ONLY. An ALL NEW £2 stand - lots of bargains to be had here! Especially if you're a Jean-Claude Van Damme fan...

Hellboy (2 Disc Edition)
Green Street
DOA: Dead or Alive
Layer Cake
Into the Blue
Mean Streets: Special Edition
The Legend of Zorro
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (cut)
Kings of South Beach
Jaws 2
The Karate Kid
Barb Wire
Midnight Run
Vertical Limit
The Patriot (Steven Seagal)
Street Fighter (1994; cut)
No Retreat, No Surrender
The Quest
Godzilla (1998)
In The Line of Fire (cut)
Universal Soldier: The Return (cut)
Money Train
Hard Rain
The Devil's Own
The Krays
Blue Streak
Dante's Peak
Casualties of War
The Guns of Navarone
Sudden Death
High Plains Drifter
Judgment Night
American Shaolin


Telford had Blues Brothers too...they had the Special 2-disc anniversary edition (with the original and extended cuts) alongside the regular edition which only has the extended cut, both at £2...guess which one I went for...:thumbsup:

Cheap at these prices if you want any of them, but tbh I'd want to be paid £2 to watch the majority of this selection!
Have some heat&rep for the effort tho :thumbsup:

I picked up Pitch Black the other week for £2 aswell...

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I picked up Pitch Black the other week for £2 aswell...

Yeah, that would be the promotion from about a month ago. This is a different bundle of movies.

Thanks film brain :thumbsup:

h a r added just for effort lol

Might go and get a No Retreat, No Surrender for £2.00 - Thanks!

Good Effort! as with any list, there are some good, some bad, but ultimately all down to personal taste, but for £2 each, you can't go wrong, even DOA is worth that for the eye candy!

Getting Hellboy (2 Disc Edition) and Blue Streak. Thanks for this and cheers. Heat added, phoned them they had stock and said the whole collection should be out tommorrow. Some of it already out in my local store.

Heat Added.

Billy Madison and The Cable Guy aren't on either lists... They are both £2 from Asda!

I couldn't resist picking up mean streets and layer cake, cheers film brain

why add so many tags?
- kapows

Its pretty clear isnt it? what a pointless question

Seen these in Carlisle today, bought Twister, Sudded Death & Hard Rain. I'll probably get a few more next time I'm in. Great post, heat added.

These DVD's are never in the store near me!


Went to asda the other day and got DOA!

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