All Night 20 rollers with pins £5.99 B&M!!

All Night 20 rollers with pins £5.99 B&M!!

Found 9th Nov 2013
Fab, was looking at these in Argos and eBay no where near as cheap!!!


Good luck in trying to get a good nights sleep wearing them! Mine didn't even last 15mins in my hair. Horrible things.

Good price though, I wasted £12 on mine!

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Lots of people said they're not the best to sleep in, I think I'll stick to just having them in before a night out!

Bargain! I spent £20 on mine and I didn't find them that difficult to sleep in! Thanks OP.

love them!

I got some different sleep in ones(without pins) from b&m a while back & I've had no probs sleeping in them. I'd get some of these if see them next time I'm in b&m.
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