All Points Bulletin (APB) PC Pre-order £23.27 @ CoolShop (+ 5% quidco)
All Points Bulletin (APB) PC Pre-order £23.27 @ CoolShop (+ 5% quidco)

All Points Bulletin (APB) PC Pre-order £23.27 @ CoolShop (+ 5% quidco)

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The release date and pricing structure for this game have just been announced.
(July 2nd)

Manufacturer's Description
San Paro is a living, breathing, online city, its streets the playground for Criminals and Enforcers. Their mission is to gain fame and fortune, and gain them fast. Criminals take to a life of crime, feeding on the city, its people and its businesses. Other players, the Enforcers, feed on the Criminals.

APBs world is an online sandbox. Players will achieve celebrity or notoriety for their skills and style. Alliances will be formed, rivalries will be bitter. Every player will be unique. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, players can personalize their looks, clothing, vehicles and music. Earn money, clothing, guns, and cars as you play. Become a top-ranking player or Clan in leagues that track Kills, Arrests, Mission Success rates, and many other competitive stats.

APB is entirely online and multiplayer. However, it's a unique game unlike other MMOs out there. The game runs on fast, high-quality dedicated servers allowing you to enter cities and engage in a new style of game where your actions bring you into opposition with other players dynamically: there's no waiting in lobbies. You can encounter thousands of other players over a short period of time. Our dynamic matchmaking allows solo and group play in missions, against - or with - real people, never an AI.

Key Features

Conflict APB is a fast paced multiplayer action game that uses a dynamic matchmaking system to throw real life opponents at you in real time. Theres no AI, no waiting in lobbies, no waiting for a map to start. The action flows constantly and every threat you face in APB is controlled by a real person; you never know exactly what youre going to be up against.

Creativity APB has an expression suite of in-game customization tools. Any items created with these tools can be traded or sold to other players through the Marketplace.

Persona - one of the most in depth character creation systems ever seen, allowing players to tweak thousands of parameters, to create physically unique and lifelike characters.
Designer - which allows players to create imagery they can apply to pretty much anything they want. Tattoos, clothing, vinyls on vehicles, clan logos, spray tags, etc.
Garage An area where players can customize vehicles to their hearts content. Change the colours, add symbols and imagery, add body kit parts, modify the speaker system, players can even change the exhaust sound!
Music Studio A fully fledged sequencer style music studio, allowing players to create their own death themes.

Celebrity Players gain fame in APB for winning leagues, creating clothing brands, or pretty much anything they want! Attain accolades and see your statue erected in the Social and Action districts. Well also be featuring popular players, clans and brands on our community page every day, as well as League results (and there are a lot of Leagues).

Here is a note on the pricing from the games FAQ

"You can purchase a retail version of APB either in-store or via digital download at standard retail price (SRP $49.99/£34.99/49.99). The game includes 50 hours of action game play out of the box plus unlimited time in APB's social districts customising, socialising and trading on the marketplace.

Once your game time is up, you have flexibility to top up your action game time from as little as $6.99 (£5.59, 6.29) for an additional 20 hours, while more frequent players can switch to a 30-day unlimited package for only $9.99 (£7.99, 8.99) with discounts available for 90 and 180 days.

The retail package also contains a bonus 100 RTW points towards your next purchases.

An additional benefit to this evolutionary model is the ability for you to convert your own customisations and rewards to tradable products to give to friends or clan-mates or to place on the Marketplace to earn more RTW points (convertible to game time) or in-game cash. Check back later for more details"

here is the full FAQ apb.com/faq/


If anyone wants the original, it's only £2.85 as part of a compilation at blahdvd


I'm in the beta - it's okay, but not worth paying a monthy or time fee for.

Just like counterstrike on a larger scale.

Interesting price plan, but I won;t be buying it.

Original Poster


I'm in the beta - it's okay, but not worth paying a monthy or time fee … I'm in the beta - it's okay, but not worth paying a monthy or time fee for.Just like counterstrike on a larger scale.Interesting price plan, but I won;t be buying it.

thats a shame, i was looking forward to this. they might make some changes before they actually release it though. do other people in the beta feel the same?

Sign up on Hexus to get a beta entry code..
Downloading the game now but it is 7.32Gb


Thks thrustmaster for posting site with beta keys i was looking to try out this game


There are also beta keys available @ Eurogamer:

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