All Scottish Shortbread 650 gram tin down to £2 @ Tesco

All Scottish Shortbread 650 gram tin down to £2 @ Tesco

Found 4th Jan 2010Made hot 4th Jan 2010
First post so hope it is good.

Just popped into Tesco Dean Street and they have the 650gram tins of Shortbread down from £8 to £2 a tin.

No idea how to put pic up!!



It's cheaper in the longrun to use a continuous short-bread system...


Thanks for that. Definitely going to Tescos after work now. Hope there's some left.

These have been £4 for a while, so bargain at £2
Loads in the Xmas Clearance Isle in out local Tesco's

Picked up a tin this afternoon from Wigan, had quite a few left on the shelf. Tasty. :thumbsup:

picked up a couple, they were in the tesco express or metro or whatever up the road from us...

While you're in Tesco pick up a pack of the Tesco Value shortbread fingers.
They're just 9p (usual price) for 125g.
Taste good.
Be interesting to see how they compare against these £2 ones....
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