All t-shirts for £5 at HMV

All t-shirts for £5 at HMV

Found 21st Jun 2009
Not sure if this is a nationwide deal but I went into HMV in Ealing Broadway today and all t-shirts were a fiver. They had some really nice ones too.


hot if it is all stores...

In Sheffield they have all the 'old' range for £5 (mostly L and XL sizes left) and the new ones at full/normal price.

Pretty sure it's not all tshirts. If it is, it's not nationwide.

There should be another section somewhere around the store with the 2 for £20 range aswell. Although, they may have removed all other t-shirts. There's about 15/20 lines that should be a fiver though & nothing else.

Some good ones to be had though, Thudercats, Guns & Roses, Killers & various Sesame Street tshirts. :thumbsup:

Merry Hill store has loads for £5 but they were either Mr Men t-shirts and old ghostbuster ones, thunderbirds and sesame street


Stockton had quite a few for £5 but they were older stock all the new 1s were still full price
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