All toys reduced @ Marks & Spencer plus 3 for 2
All toys reduced @ Marks & Spencer plus 3 for 2

All toys reduced @ Marks & Spencer plus 3 for 2

All toys reduced @ Marks & Spencer plus 3 for 2


will hold out til thursday 20%

just looked at the arts and crafts kids bits. The make your own t-shirts were £9 now £7.60, bedroom stickers were £3 now £2.80. There's no original prices on the main pages but they're cheaper than last week!


will hold out til tomorro 20%

Thursday I think:thumbsup:


Thursday I think:thumbsup:

oh yes sorry completely lost with the days this week! Cheers!

Are the repeating the 20% discount?

Or next Thursday according to an m&s employee on other thread??

Thanks, will place things in my basket in the hope that the 20% off will apply on Thursday.

Wouldn't count on it for this week, if it is we would of known by today.. though could be wrong, who knows!


Oh I give up it's like playing chinese whispers on here somedays:p

:lol: Oh I love it when I bump into you in here.:-D

I work at m&s and there isnt a 20% off day this week.

its the 4th dec

My order has not arrived yet but I am probably going to return one item. So, now the toys have been reduced and bearing in mind I bought them on 3 for 2 and 20% off, how on earth do I work out what value I will be given on a credit note?? The items were all about £20 now £15 ?? I have no idea what they do (except after Christmas when gifts are the wrong size, they have no more left and they have been greatly reduced so we always end up with pennies - grrrrrr)

Can you maybe amend your order if it hasn't been despatched yet?

Otherwise you'll get about £9.33 credited back to the card that you used to pay with, if you take your receipt back, as this will be roughly what you paid.
i.e. 3 x £20 is £60, then they take 20% off, so that's £48, then they take the 3rd item off, so that's £28 now for 3 items, so £9.33 for each one. ( if each one is exactly £20)
If you take it back without the receipt you might get £15 in credit vouchers as this is the current price, i can only guess.
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