All wines now at house prices!
as part of their wine festival - all wines are now priced at house prices
Most wines are £12 / bottle; used to be £8 for house red / white so - thanks Diodorus-siculus
House wine is £6.99 a bottle, their most expensive wine is Chateauneuf-du-pape at £12.99 a bottle, - thanks alky!
excludes champagnes

starting from tomorro!!

list of wines available is in the next post....


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But it's Wetherspoons! Worst pubs for trouble in my area :x Bargain though!

How can this be a bargain when you can't see the before and after prices?
Voted cold.

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i'm not actually a drinker myself so i didnt know the prices
i'm a doorman at wetherspoons so i read about the impending offers

Why so cold? I've been waiting for this to start since the beer festival finished! Hmmm...that made me sound like an alky!
This is a hot deal. House wine is £6.99 a bottle, their most expensive wine is Chateauneuf-du-pape at £12.99 a bottle, so almost a 50% saving during the festival - how can that not be hot???
You can't get chateauneuf-du-pape for £6.99 in tesco!

Some of the guest wines cost more than £12 to buy from wine merchants, therefore to only pay house wine prices these are excellent value.

How is this cold? Chateauneuf-du-pape in a pub for 6.99 is fantastic value, even if dont particuary like wetherspoons myself

My friends daughter was in a local restraunt and ordered the house wine, it arrived and she noticed it has 'asda smart price' on it!!! :w00t:

They charged her £12.00 so, she commented on it and they took it away and said she never hsould have been given it as it is for selling as per glass not per bottle!!!

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*L* smart price

i know a well known indian buffet restaurant in manchester that uses sainsbury's cheesecakes as part of its "four star" dining experience

Finally this is getting a bit of recognition, can't wait to try the Villa Maria rose, shame I'm now on nights until Sunday morning! Oh well, BH Monday, so will be dragging the OH down there Sunday evening!


Yeah, yeah, Weatherspoons..... but what are they selling and how much does Wine House pay? :thinking:

I agree...a Bottle of Chateuneuf du pape ...£6.99 ?? .... thats me sorted for Thursday curry night...
The prawn masala is nice but stay clear of the beef jalfrezi...it is meat...but it certainly has never
been near a cow!

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happy to b gettin so many ppl ****** up

helpin improve binge drinking britain

Last night shift tonight.....roll on tomorrow and a bottle of wine!!
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