All xmas stuff 10p from sunday instore at Wilkinsons
All xmas stuff 10p from sunday instore at Wilkinsons

All xmas stuff 10p from sunday instore at Wilkinsons

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Christmas clearance - 10p from sunday 25th Jan, instore at Wilkinsons as stated on their website



I presume you know this 'cos you work there? Thanks for the heads up. That's Christmas 2009 srted.

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I presume you know this 'cos you work there? Thanks for the heads up. … I presume you know this 'cos you work there? Thanks for the heads up. That's Christmas 2009 srted.

no dont work there, it says on the website (see left corner)


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Thanks for putting that on for me


Thanks for putting that on for me

No probs :-D

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i need to learn how to do pics!

Does anyone know what this means? Does anyone work there? I would love to know whether it's worth a visit. Before Christmas, I saw wreaths for about £8 which I thought was too expensive but if there that sort of thing for 10p then bargain!

It's already started in my local store. £2.99 Christmas tree chocs 10p, turkey foil 10p, small trees and baubles too.

i work for wilkos. its quite usual to clear xmas stuff out for pennies after the 75% off event. Gotta make room for all the summer and garden ranges. I have been on holiday for the last couple of days and dont go back to work til thursday but will get a heads up from my collegues to see if it is live in our store. report back l8r

confirmed as 10p instore today, Got some indooe window silhouettes for 10p also some 2009 anuals + other books also 10p

Confirm that this is correct. Just back from our local, alot of things already gone but managed to get a few bits. Cards, bottle bags, gift bags diaries, kids annuals, nut crackers, xmas trees & decorations.


i need to learn how to do pics!

Hover over the picture with your cursor and right click, select 'save picture as' with a left click and save a copy of the picture on your desktop. You now need to host the picture somewhere so join Photobucket which is free, host it there then you'll have an 'img' file of the picture which you can then put on a forum like this. The process might sound complicated but once you get used to it, it's childs play. Come to think of it, if you've got a child just ask them. :roll:

If you want to transfer some text etc and in this case the 'img' link for the picture into your post you'll find the ability to copy and paste invaluable.


been to wilkinsons today and all they had was tree decorations, some chocolates, charger plated, diarys and wrapping paper

Its all the christmas stuff that they have been marking down first it was 25% off the half price , then 75%off now its 10p an item

all thegood stuff has gone really

There was loads of stuff in my local this morning ,the kids got a load of annuals ,chocs and stuff
i also got a Sophie Grigson cook book as well .It says £25 on the back so i though it must be worth 10p :-D

just picked up some little bits to put up for next year, also got the kids some chocolates, they dont care they are xmas tree decs

Thanks for the heads up

Got a 5ft Christmas Tree for 10p along with loads of other stuff



DERBY has got mostly diaries, calendars, tree chocs, tinsel, baubles and decs, gift bows n tags left. They also had loads high school musical wrap which can be used for birthdays etc. All for 10p each

Hi I got xmas tree decs, xmas cards, chocs, (dated 2010.so could keep till next xmas) xmas childrens stocking filler bags, contained sweets,game puzzles etc. diaries. bows wrapping paper and turkey tinfoil. of course which you can use anytime. well happy!!

Thanks all. I am also very happy as got loads of bauble packs for 10p each and loads of tinsil. Also got gift wrap, and a nice tray for 10p a throw. Spent a massive £3 in total on a load of stuff. Actual pre-sale price was about £18. Going to be a cheap Christmas in 2009. Already got my crackers from Boots for £1.98! And a few stocking fillers for £2 a pop.

Thanks for this, I got the Sophie Grigson book too!! as well as some nice biscuits in tins, tinket box that was £6.00, lots of decorations tinsel and paper - spent £2.50 - the Sophie Grigson book was priced £25 on the jacket!!

Thanks a lot for the heads up i was there at 10am got £4.90 worth of stuff mostly wrap, fiberoptic trees, candles, 3 packs of crackers were £3, cealing decks, gift bags, chocolate and 2 toy guitars that plug into the tv great gifts that were £25. all in all im very happy added it all up before any reductions it would have cost over £100. just a note my store had no prices on the shelves.

i got 10 x incredible hulk bubble bath for £1 yesterday the kids cming to my sons party will get a great gift in there party bags tomorrow well not in the bag because they are huge .

I got a few bits today, thanks

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Thanks everyone for all positive comments. I got 2 annuals and a calendar today all for 30p!
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