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Allacan Cetirizine Hayfever Allergy Tablets 30 x 6 - £3.37 Delivered - Sold by Your247Chemist / Fulfilled by Amazon

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Allacan provides fast and effective 24-hour relief in adults from the annoying symptoms of hayfever and /or indoor allergies Sneezing Runny and blocked nose Red watery eyes Itchy nose Skin allergies Easy- to –take tablets suitable for adults and children aged 6+.

One tablet (10mg) once a day in adults. Half a tablet (5mg), twice daily in patients aged 6 to 12 years. Allergy relief for all seasons with Allacan

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    I brought some of these last week for a bit more, and the date was March 2024
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    These weren’t very effective for me and my household last summer. A shame, as they’re very cheap, maybe that’s why(cheeky) (edited)
    That's not how medicine works. Cetirizine is cetirizine. If it didn't work then that drug just doesn't work particularly well for you. Spend more money on the branded version (Zyrtec) and you'd get the same result.

    I don't find cetirizine works well for me either, loratadine is way better at controlling my pet allergies. Not quite this cheap but you can get a year's supply for around a tenner. (edited)
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    I've been using these for the past few years, although on a cheaper deal, about £5 for 12 months. This is still a great price though, just be wary of dates.

    As it goes, in conjunction with a nose spray citerizene is the best hayfever/pet allergy for me, but others might be better with one of the other drugs. Loratodine stopped all symptoms but only for a few hours but also made me drowsy. Citerizene stopped 90% of symptoms but worked all day without drowsiness.
    Certain types of antihistamines works well and others do not.

    I would suggest folks refer to the NHS link below for guidance.

    nhs.uk/conditions/antihistamines/ (edited)
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    Before someone asks, go to "other sellers" if you see a higher price initially

    Thanks OP, stocked up for the year ahead.
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    Poundstretcher or Savers Stores are doing a version of anti allergic tabs for 49 pence, & the other type for 75 pence.
    That's true, but Savers often sell the 14 x packet at 49p, and the 30 x pack at 75p.

    Poundstretcher tends to sell the 30 x pack at the 49p mark instead.

    So of the 2, Poundstretcher is more cost effective ...
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    Try and get a referral to see a consultant at ENT in a hospital.

    I did after about 30 years of suffering from bad hay-fever.

    He gave me this


    And I have never turned back. Its improved my symptoms hugely. I still get runny eyes depending on what's triggering it but my nasal issues are fixed. I take it every day through the whole year.

    GPs over the years just sent me to chemists to buy over the counter pills.
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    Thx good price for 6 months supply not to be sneezed at
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    Thanks fot that as was getting down to my last box of 12 I bought near on a couple of years ago (went for the 12 boxes again).
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    Perfect, going to order these in preparation for the summer. thanks
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    Heated, good price.

    I tried fexofenadine for the first time last year. It's a lot pricier but I felt like it was more effective at controlling my hay fever. That's subjective though, I've no way to accurately gauge that and ymmv. It didn't make me sleepy like cetirizine does which could be seen as a good or a bad thing... depending on if you're taking it in the morning or at bed time.

    I know cetirizine is supposed to be 'non-drowsy' but it really zonks me unless I've been taking it for a few days in a row already.
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    Thanks ordered
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    Tony saving us from the summer hayfever 🤧
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    Thanks OP, ordered
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    C20k feedback on Amazon of >4.5 stars. At this price I’m going to try it
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    Ordered thanks OP
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    Have some heat. Spring is coming!

    I can't find any deals on Loratadine yet
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    Ordered, thanks 😁
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    Thanks for the heads up op .
    Just ordered my next 12 packs to keep me stocked up for quite a while 🔥
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    Thanks OP - I’ve stocked up
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    Cheers, 6 months ought to be enough for me this year.
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    Thanks… needed more.. my son suffers really bad with allergies all year round and he’s have severe allergies so take one daily.
    Ask the gp for a prescription
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    ordered thanks
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    19/20p for supermarkets own brand and do the same thing.
    I don't think you can for a pack of 30
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    Keeping an eye out for loratidine deals. I don't get hayfever, but taking one an hour or so before drinking red wine stops me from getting a headache. It also seems to ease pain in the lower digestive tract when I've had an exceptionally hot curry the night before.
    Are you sure you don't suffer from histamine intolerance?
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    I suffer terribly in the summer but these along with chlorphenamine maleate knock me out cold and do nothing for my itchy eyes. Loratadine don't do anything for me, Acrivastine is good but need to take them every 4 hours or so, any other suggestions? doctor refuses to give me the steroid injection (edited)
    Try this suggestion, as well?, perhaps:


    Alternatively, search for any/all forms of non drowsy alternatives, or something?

    Because, depending on the sort of job you do (working with machinery, etc), or even just simply DRIVING - I believe I don't need to emphasize how potentially dangerous your situation, could potentially be, or whatever?

    All the best either way, yeh? :-)
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    Tablets aren’t enough to help me with Hayfever - need nasal spray and most importantly eye drops too. End up getting them on prescription costing me £30 every summer.
    Have you tried the potentially 'stronger' option, via your GP?

    As in, steroid injections?

    Such a route isn't one I'd necessarily recommend to anyone (in a blaze fashion, anyway), but IF yours is actually that bad anyway, or whatever?

    Then ...

    I know a few people that were only able to survive the hayfever season, via the GP steroid route. :-)

    Whether that's a viable doable option for you too, and wotnots?, only you will know for sure, etc?
    All the best either way though. :-D
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    Mine is showing as £4.27
    Select seller Your247Chemist. It's went up by 4p to £3.41
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    This is a 'HOT' deal for sure - literally. :-)
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    30 X 12 still available at a great price.