Alleged £66 free with no deposit required - William Hill Casino
Alleged £66 free with no deposit required - William Hill Casino

Alleged £66 free with no deposit required - William Hill Casino

Dunno if this is genuine or whatev. I created an account and do have the money in my balance but who knows.

"Exciting things are happening at William Hill Casino Club and we invite you to experience the new generation in casino gaming. We offer an amazing bonus to every new player - £66 free with no deposit required*.

To try out the casino and receive your £66 bonus, simply follow these three steps:

1. Click here to log on and choose your mode of play Instant Play or Download.

2. Choose to play for Real Money and register your account.

3. Within the welcome e-mail youll receive shortly after registering, click on the verification link.

£66 will be credited to your account instantly!

Register today! This offer is available for a limited period and when you make a deposit we have more fantastic bonuses waiting for you.

We look forward to seeing you in the casino.

William Hill Casino Club"


Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions for money turnover. I believe it is a really good offer if you can keep your discipline when turning money over.

Subject to clause 4 below, the minimum wagering requirements for a No Deposit Bonus are 20 times the bonus amount, i.e. £66x20 = £1320. This means that you will have to wager at least this amount in order to be eligible to withdraw any of your winnings. (subject at all times to the maximum amount permitted to be withdrawn in accordance with clause 6 below). If you fail to meet this requirement, all winnings will be null and void.

So you've gotta win £1320 before you can even take a penny out, lol?

Think I'll pass on that :P

And the good lord said, "Though shalt not gamble or you will be voted cold."

it free cash

ladbrokes offer a similar deal,but you need to win big and play through the money,till the end of time.and then maybe! just maybe they wll let you withdraw some money.but i doubt you will ever get that lucky.hot deal if you fancy a play about.

Why is this expired?

It really annoys me that the bible bashing do gooders make a big effort to vote any gambling deal down. Please don't let that put anyone off putting a deal up. The shrewd amongst us know how to play the system.

We'll all go to hell, but at least we'll be a few £££'s richer down there.

hot from me but ot sure it will get any warmer in here lol

On william hill Roulette and Blackjack count as 20% turnover so you need £6600 worth of bets. Best ploy is to play roulette and bet on Black and Red at the same time. Only problem is if it hits Zero and you will lose the money on that bet. This is quickest way to get quick turnover of bets.
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