FREE lifetime subscription for 1,000
-22°Expired FREE lifetime subscription for 1,000

Found 28th Mar 2010
Playpennies are offering 1,000 readers a free lifetime subscription Allfiled, saving you £35 every year! Just click the link at the bottom of the page and be one of the first 1,000 to sign up to the site.

Not sure how Allfiled can justify the £35/year charge for this service. I've seen a few 5 years free offers for Allfiled via Moneywize and Zopa. But a free lifetime subscription you just can't say no.



will the info be sold?

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Do you people actually look at the site or just leave negative/cold feedback.

From the Allfiled website - Your privacy
We will never divulge any personal information about you to any third parties without your express permission.

There is a whole security page on the site.

Its seems to be a very useful site for free I would not pay for it however.

um just to clarify for the OP.
i was asking a valid question. plus ... i havent voted yet.

good idea to have all the info backed up in an online cloud. thanks for signposting. had looked at the website earlier – but i wont be taking up this offer for security reasons.

for example.
when i put in a test name, it was immediately linked to additional files i have not added yet. i then changed the name on the account but then had to manually delete the added files (which still referenced the older test name). still, could be a glitch.

"[COLOR="Purple"]Adding your data
You can create as many files as you need and add as much information as you like. The more you add, the more allfiled can help.

allfiled will get you quick car or home insurance quotes using the information already stored in your files. And allfiled will store all the contact information for your suppliers, so you never have to hunt for it again[/COLOR].

like i said ... very useful for some, but not for me.
i am not a person who votes cold just because it's not for me but i won't vote hot either. i think that is fair feedback.
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