Alliance & Leicester online saver 5 account now 3.15%
Alliance & Leicester online saver 5 account   now 3.15%
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Alliance & Leicester online saver 5 account now 3.15%

New rates now for Online Saver Accounts now paying 3.15.
Time to move as rates are down on the older ( 4) accounts.


Link goes to the wrong place.

Also that headline figure includes the 1.65% bonus which seems only to apply if you hold the account for a defined period (probably 1 year).

Was going to say the Leeds Building Society has a slightly better offer (lower headline figure but done with a lower bonus) however that account now seems to have disappeared...

But it does say No withdraw penalty. Surely if it's one year specific, then this product should be called bond.

[COLOR="Navy"]Says on A&L site that interest paid in October. Money can be taken out anytime - as you probably will because knowing A&L they will introduce another [issue 6] in several months time - their aim being, that some forgetful people will leave money in accounts paying less interest; iss4 , iss 3 to name a couple.[/COLOR]

Looks like a good deal to me. Just applied.

I happened to phone A & L today and got sold one of these - I had an old account paying 0.4% - and they've transferred it over, painlessly. Still looking around for something instant that's better though, on principle.
They do a bond as well but I didn't read up on it.
Voted hot but any other ideas welcome.

Can someone pls recommend me to AL so we can both share the; £50:00
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