Alltrade 14 pc Precision Screwdriver Set £3 instore ASDA

Alltrade 14 pc Precision Screwdriver Set £3 instore ASDA

Found 26th Jan 2011
Hey guys. Thought I would share this because it includes 5 Torx screwdrivers that tend to be a little pricey instore.

Set includes;

5pc Slotted
4pc Phillips
5pc Torx

Bargain for £3!
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I saw these at the weekend, don't think they were £3 though. in Swindon. I thought the handles looked a little small and wasn't certain how easy they would be to grip. As anyone trided them in anger yet? At £3 they must be hot surely?
Hot from me, I got some from Bristol Asda for £3 they are excellent.
They come as in the picture, i.e. with a wall holder not a case.
For £3 there worth the gamble. Heat added, it's just a shame there isn't an Asda near by.
Hot - If you like tools below is link for a fantastic offer…046
I bought some at the weekend - they worked ok for me
Bought some over the weekend and used them yesterday - please be aware they are £3 worth.

The heads are very weak and will bend/distort on just tight screws

I wanted a new set so I'll keep but please bear in mind - the are poor quality.
Poundland also a set of these for £20 (emmmm sorry £1)
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