Ally McBeal - The Complete DVD Collection (£36.99)

Ally McBeal - The Complete DVD Collection (£36.99)

Found 13th Feb 2008
Every episode from all 5 seasons of Ally McBeal in one must-have collector's box set! Meet Ally McBeal she over-analyses her relationships (and sometimes lack of) to the point of becoming emotionally neurotic. Sounds annoying? It can be. Sounds so-American? It can be. Sounds addictive? It will be... They are young successful lawyers some of them could even be called beautiful a lot of them could be called eccentric and they all work and play together.



This a 30 disc set as far as I know.

This post has received a little heat, but deserves more.
Next cheapest is £46.95.
I never watched this, but am very tempted at this price.

Yeah.. this is the 30 DVD box set & good reviews @ Amazon

Further 10% discount for Virgin card holders...

Has been posted several times in the last few months at £34.99. Currently a little cheaper instore at £35. Voted hot.

this has been this price for at least 3 months now hasnt it?? i bought it a few weeks ago, it was £35 instore, and i got 10% student discount making it £31.50 !!!

Just search Ally McBeal and you can see this offers been on for ages, I bought this instore the other week and posted on this thread:…bo/

yes - was £35 before Christmas

see before she lost all the weight, i would have loved to pump ally mcbeal

*Gives Calista Flockhart a chicken drum stick*

Boston Legal is better, same writer you see
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