Almondy Daim Cake 400g £2 @ Tesco!

Almondy Daim Cake 400g £2 @ Tesco!

Found 27th May 2010Made hot 28th May 2010
Damn those Swedes and their amazing creation!
The scrummy Almondy Daim Cake is only £2 instore and online - though it will most likely be defrosted by the time it gets delivered )just gives you an excuse to eat it!)

Didn't even know this was in Tesco until today, definitely saves a trip to Ikea!
Usual price £2.99


yum yum yum! One of my weaknesses!

Yummy yummy yummy!

is the RRP really £3 for this :O

still a hot deal I guess though

very good deal... hot

These are 1 of the worst things that i have ever eaten lol

Mmm, I need to buy myself one of these they look yummy! :-D

this isdelicious!
at 2pound..cannot go wrong..

Bit overpriced at full price, but they are yummy. Loads of calories.

It certainly is tasty. Hot hot hot.

These are really great tasting, made from Apricot kernels (I think) instead of wheat, so they are Gluten-Free, making them an unusually tasty option for coeliacs.

Morrisons have it for £2 all the time, offer is £1 when they do have it, and they have the other ones too.

Yummy, does anyone remember Romantica? lol

these r absolutely gorge x

I love Daim bars, so tried one of these a while ago.... YUK!!!

few seconds in the microwave, served with a dollop of real vanilla ice-cream - a scrummy gluten-free treat!!

thanks for posting simile - i knew my freezer was missing something!

Was thinking of goin gym today..but instead im going to tesco to get me sum Almondy!!!! YUMMMMMY

damit be reasonable, i'm on a diet !


is a daim the new name for dime? been that long since i have had a dime bar

i got one a couple of days ago, it's delicious. Plus it's packed in calories so even better value for money lol

Cant say i like these to be fair WAAAAY too sickly and Morrisons offers on these are normally better they are on offer in there quite often, probably due to the fact they cant shift em Lol
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