Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition (Wii / PC) £4.99 delivered @ Game (includes 15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine/Artbook/'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD/ CD Audio Soundtrack)

Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition (Wii / PC) £4.99 delivered @ Game (includes 15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine/Artbook/'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD/ CD Audio Soundtrack)

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Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition Contains:

* 15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine
* Alone in the Dark Artbook
* Bonus 'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD
* Alone in the Dark CD Audio Soundtrack

In Alone in the Dark, Central Park is hiding a secret. Built as a safe haven not only for the people of New York, but for something else entirely, generations of guardians have long protected the truth, preserving the vast parkland while the most expensive city in the world reached skyward on its fringes. Now the truth can no longer be contained. Alone in the Dark's main character paranormal investigator Edward Carnby finds himself inexplicably cast into the eye of the storm as over the course of one apocalyptic night he must uncover the earth-shattering secret behind Central Park. New York will never be the same again. Are you ready to be alone in the dark?

Inspired by the gripping style of contemporary TV dramas, Alone in the Dark delivers a new degree of narrative intensity, presented as a complete season format of episodes each containing action, twists and cliff-hangers. Bursting with innovative technology, including unprecedented environmental interaction, revolutionary physics, advanced artificial intelligence, stunning visuals, and uniquely immersive user interface, Alone in the Dark breaks gaming clich?to fulfil the next-gen promise and deliver a new kind of entertainment experience.

Alone in the Dark Features:

* Central Park: One of the worlds most iconic and best loved urban landmarks, Central Park has been accurately reproduced in Alone in the Dark using satellite data and thousands of photographs.
* Captivating story: The story of Alone in the Dark reveals the conspiracy behind Central Park and challenges beliefs on the afterlife, based on ideas and theories drawn from real-world spiritual philosophies.
* Narrative Intensity: Taking cues from blockbuster TV dramas, Alone in the Dark is told in a TV season-style narrative structure to deliver the maximum intensity throughout, keeping the Alone in the Dark player hooked.
* Real world rules: Revolutionary technology brings a new level of environmental interaction to the gameplay of Alone in the Dark, where anything you could do in real life, you can do in the game!
* Immersion: The Alone in the Dark player is plunged into the heart of the action in real-time with full movement control, in-game inventory system, on-body damage and healing system, and physiological effects.
* Photographic Rendering: Edens proprietary Twilight technology and rendering engine create a lavishly detailed game world for Alone in the Dark, with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects including depth of field, camera focus, numerous light sources, moisture, reflections and High Dynamic Range effects.


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bad game great price hot

It's also £4.99 for the PC CE version

also for Wii


nice hot from me. Seems a good deal.

game sucks... extras would just take up space.

not voting on this one as i probably wouldn't take this for free.


game sucks... extras would just take up space.not voting on this one as i … game sucks... extras would just take up space.not voting on this one as i probably wouldn't take this for free.


The game had so much promise but was REALLY bad :?

I liked the game for the sole fact theres so few adventure games out on consoles
our review…60/

But its far from perfect... still worth a punt IMHO
I liked the spec ed extras too


our review

7/10 & 8/10 :? LOL

for a minuite i had small hopes of this being the original game. my hopes were dashed.

I thought this would be a good deal but once I read ALONE IN THE DARK.......crap game, buggy to hell, graphics okish, but even with that still a bad way to spend your £5........

I didn't think it was that bad at all! For this price I think this is a fantastic deal for a limited edition set. Hot from me!


also for Wii

Wii version is out of stock...

I got this when it was £5.95 at Zavvi about 6 months ago. Not even taken anything out of the box. Bought it on instinct and didn't read any reviews, having heard how bad it was from a friend I never felt the need to even take it out of the box! Almost cheaper than trying to buy the game 2nd hand though so it is a good deal.

I dunno I quite liked this game in some ways. The soundtrack is truly awesome imo one of the best outside of the final fantasy series oh and fifty cent blood on the sand (lol). The driving is comically bad you can be driving along a straight road and the car will mount an invisible curb roll four times and you'll have to get out right where there a 4 zombie things waiting to attack you and the goin round central park burning spike things is abit crap apart from the one where you make a car bomb and send it flying of a ramp into a spike thing on an Island. it not pausing in the inventory is also a minus for me but combat gets a little better once u figure out its all about the flamethrower just remember to feather the shoot button. This game is usually found for a £5 and imo and it is just an opinion is one of the best bargains for the 360 beaten by splinter cell DA at £5 and lost odyssey at around £8 and not forgetting mirrors edge for £5-8 quid. If you want to spend abit more maybe dead space for a tenner. Hehe i think am gonna shot down for saying all this but what the hey free and open debate thats what i like

When I saw the thread I thought it was the PC version of the old Playstation 1 game, now that I liked, not a fan of the latest version at any price after playing the demo.

Gfx were quite decent in my opinion, but the game is downright unplayable as it stands. I reckon a decent patch could sort a lot of the issues with this ame, but after all this time I think they've washed their hands of it :-(

Bargain price for the package, just a shame the game is just so FUBAR.

I got it mainly for the music about half a year ago. I was disappointed that the music included is a sampler and not the full album though. The songs on it are still great, however.

Once again you amaze me, you beautiful andywedge you. Ordered.
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