Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition (Xbox 360) - £51.99
Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition (Xbox 360) - £51.99

Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition (Xbox 360) - £51.99

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Alone in the Dark - GAME Exclusive Limited Edition Contains:

15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine
Alone in the Dark Artbook
Bonus 'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD
Alone in the Dark CD Audio Soundtrack
In Alone in the Dark, Central Park is hiding a secret. Built as a safe haven not only for the people of New York, but for something else entirely, generations of guardians have long protected the truth, preserving the vast parkland while the most expensive city in the world reached skyward on its fringes. Now the truth can no longer be contained. Alone in the Dark's main character paranormal investigator Edward Carnby finds himself inexplicably cast into the eye of the storm as over the course of one apocalyptic night he must uncover the earth-shattering secret behind Central Park. New York will never be the same again. Are you ready to be alone in the dark?

Inspired by the gripping style of contemporary TV dramas, Alone in the Dark delivers a new degree of narrative intensity, presented as a complete season format of episodes each containing action, twists and cliff-hangers. Bursting with innovative technology, including unprecedented environmental interaction, revolutionary physics, advanced artificial intelligence, stunning visuals, and uniquely immersive user interface, Alone in the Dark breaks gaming clich?to fulfil the next-gen promise and deliver a new kind of entertainment experience.

Alone in the Dark Features:

Central Park: One of the worlds most iconic and best loved urban landmarks, Central Park has been accurately reproduced in Alone in the Dark using satellite data and thousands of photographs.
Captivating story: The story of Alone in the Dark reveals the conspiracy behind Central Park and challenges beliefs on the afterlife, based on ideas and theories drawn from real-world spiritual philosophies.
Narrative Intensity: Taking cues from blockbuster TV dramas, Alone in the Dark is told in a TV season-style narrative structure to deliver the maximum intensity throughout, keeping the Alone in the Dark player hooked.
Real world rules: Revolutionary technology brings a new level of environmental interaction to the gameplay of Alone in the Dark, where anything you could do in real life, you can do in the game!
Immersion: The Alone in the Dark player is plunged into the heart of the action in real-time with full movement control, in-game inventory system, on-body damage and healing system, and physiological effects.
Photographic Rendering: Edens proprietary Twilight technology and rendering engine create a lavishly detailed game world for Alone in the Dark, with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects including depth of field, camera focus, numerous light sources, moisture, reflections and High Dynamic Range effects.


this edition is stupid! why on earth would you want all that C**P


this edition is stupid! why on earth would you want all that C**P

Don't be so narrow minded, each to their own.

Problem is its exclusive, so is it or isnt it a good deal? Nothing to compare it too, so to me its seems quite expensive.


Problem is its exclusive, so is it or isnt it a good deal? Nothing to … Problem is its exclusive, so is it or isnt it a good deal? Nothing to compare it too, so to me its seems quite expensive.

Good deal or not, I have a simple 'never use Game' approach to buying video games.
Game are bloody terrible. Their used games ae overpriced. In the past I have bought 'new' games from their site only to recieved used games. They are full of sharp practices like that and therefore I will not spend money with them.

And I agree, it is very expensive for a game and a handful of uselss tat.

I have to agree a bit with redranger, my house is full of loads of rubbish that I mistakenly bought thinking it was a great deal. Just sat here I have a bin with

1 x Bioshock bloke with a drill
1 x Altair out of Assassins Creed
1 x Masterchief helmet, that is too small for me and too big for a cat
1 x Oblivion Coin for buying christ knows what, and falls out of the box every time I open it
Endless bizarrely shaped steel tins and boxes each containing 'making of' DVD's I will never watch as they are so sanitised for Joe public that there is more 'making of' on the side of a Pot Noodle.
Don't even get me started on 'Art Books' - what a waste of a tree.

Its all junk. Its rubbish that is unecessary and and you just find yourself hoarding this **** because its only another tenner and it looks like great value. Its not - the game is what you want and all these extra trinkets really demean the hard work that goes into the product - or in the worst case, cover how bad it is like lipstick on a pig.

I have just cancelled my HMV order for the GTAIV special edition. Why the hell would I want a strongbox and a duffle bag? and what the hell do they have to do with GTAIV?

I ordered it because I am a sucker and I actually pictured myself sticking my football kit in the bag which is effectively a freebie and probably use the strongbox for storing biscuits, when in reality - why on earth would I want these products and if I did, chances are I would already own them and with better quality than what is going on here.

I very much doubt that as lovely as Rockstar are, they went 'Lets add £20 to the price and spend all of that £20 on something great for the punter, as we're a little unsure if this game will sell'

I imagine the conversation was more like 'Right I want to create a 'Sucker Edition' its another £20, its online exclusive, and I want you to see what random **** you can buy from B&Q for £2.50 to justify it. Maybe a Hammer and a garden umbrella, or a birdbath and a ceiling fan - NO WAIT!!!!! Ive got it! Nothing says Eastern European Gangster in New York like a strongbox and a duffle bag!

Fight the urge - just buy vanilla and focus all your love on the games and the people who work so hard to bring them to you.

Do not feed the ar*eholes in marketing by justifying their existences and making their bosses think that this junk is just what we want, while cutting dev times and budgets.

*edited to save job*


Don't be so narrow minded, each to their own.

Fanboy, pshhhh
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