Alone in The Dark: The New Nightmare (PC) £0.91 @ DreamGame

Alone in The Dark: The New Nightmare (PC) £0.91 @ DreamGame

Found 7th Jul 2017
After one of his best friends is found dead near Shadow Island, supernatural detective Edward Carnby embarks on a quest to discover what happened.

He soon learns that his friend had been searching for three tablets, which are rumored to be the key to releasing an ancient evil. Now, Carnby and archeologist Aline Cedrac have gone to Shadow Island to find the tablets and prevent the evil from escaping. You'll play as both characters (at different points) as you manage a set of limited resources and explore more than 1,200 areas. During this adventure, you will have to battle a host of demonic enemies using the wide variety of energy and supernatural weapons at your disposal. One of the most important items throughout your journey is the flashlight, which provides your only source of artificial light. Only you can help Carnby and Aline stop the evil inhabiting Shadow Island in ALONE IN THE DARK : The New Nightmare.

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oh wow, I actually got this game soon after it's release 16 years ago it's not a bad game, but it ain't great either.
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