Alone in The Dark - Xbox 360 - £4.99 @ Play + Quidco!

Alone in The Dark - Xbox 360 - £4.99 @ Play + Quidco!

Found 1st Oct 2009
Alone in the dark Xbox 360

Captivating Story - The story reveals the conspiracy behind Central Park and challenges beliefs on the afterlife based on ideas and theories drawn from real-world spiritual philosophies.
Narrative Intensity - Taking cues from blockbuster TV drama's, the story is told in a TV season-style narrative structure to deliver maximum intensity throughout, keeping the player hooked.
Real-World Rules - Revolutionary technology brings a new level of environmental interaction to the gameplay where anything you could do is real-life, you can do in the game.
Immersion - The player is plunged into the heart of the action in real-time with full movement control, in-game inventory system, on-body damage and healing system, and physiological effects.
Photographic Rendering - Edens proprietary Twilight technology and rendering engine create a lavishly detailed game world with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects including depth of field, camera focus, numerous light sources, moisture, reflections and high dynamic range effects.


when isnt this game a fiver. Cold


good price heat added, lol i have the PC version for £2 delivered if any one wants it

Very bad game


£4.97 @ woolworths online / listed … £4.97 @ woolworths online / listed previously

now £[email protected] and sold out.
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