Alone In The Dark - Xbox 360 - £5.99 NEW @ Choices
Alone In The Dark - Xbox 360 - £5.99 NEW @ Choices

Alone In The Dark - Xbox 360 - £5.99 NEW @ Choices

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Special Features

Central Park - One of the worlds most iconic and best loved urban landmarks has been accurately reproduced using satellite data and thousands of photographs.
Captivating Story - The story reveals the conspiracy behind Central Park and challenges beliefs on the afterlife based on ideas and theories drawn from real-world spiritual philosophies.
Narrative Intensity - Taking cues from blockbuster TV drama's, the story is told in a TV season-style narrative structure to deliver maximum intensity throughout, keeping the player hooked.
Real-World Rules - Revolutionary technology brings a new level of environmental interaction to the gameplay where anything you could do is real-life, you can do in the game.
Immersion - The player is plunged into the heart of the action in real-time with full movement control, in-game inventory system, on-body damage and healing system, and physiological effects.
Photographic Rendering - Edens proprietary Twilight technology and rendering engine create a lavishly detailed game world with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects including depth of field, camera focus, numerous light sources, moisture, reflections and high dynamic range effects.


£7.98 inc postage!

Original Poster

Sorry, apologies, did'nt notice the postage!!

Free delivery over £25!! Oops.......

Not a good game.


£4.99 in PC World (only some stores!)

awful game, woudnt pay £5.99 for it al all, so glad i rented that one when it came out..

Thanks for negative comments saving me a purchase

this is so cheap because its rubbish, and also they have brought out a sort of updated version in which you can move the camera around (only for the PS3 though!!) , which unfortunately you cant do in this version that i have gutted.

Not a great game but I enjoyed it when I got it for £20, I'd say its worth the money if you like this genre.

as I said though certainly not great but it could have been but for some flaws (mainly driving)

I've always thought that guy looks just like George Lamb on the cover.
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