Alone In The Dark Xbox 360 just £4.91 Delivered @ Asda

Alone In The Dark Xbox 360 just £4.91 Delivered @ Asda

Found 28th May 2009Made hot 31st May 2009
This is a great price for a really good game that is only costing you £4.91 before quidco discounts.

They Said Central Park Was For The People... They Lied.

Central Park was not built as a haven for the people of New York; it was built for something else entirely. The truth can no longer be contained.

In one apocalyptic night, Edward Carnby must fight unimaginable forces to reveal the earth-shattering secret of Central Park.

Intense story: Unfolds in thrilling episodes with action, plot twists and cliff-hangers.
Improvise to survive: Use your imagination to create devastating new weapons.
Exhilarating gameplay: Block-buster action, tense exploration, dangerous driving, vicious fights.
Pyromania: Play with fire like never before, but don't get burned!

Never Get Stuck: DVD-style chapter select lets everyone reach the game's climax.

New York Will Never Be The Same Again.

Remember quidco to get the extra discounts.

Enjoy ;-)


It's an OK game with a lot of bugs etc it's quite annoying but good price

Picked this up for £5 in the deal posted last week - was actually alot better than I expected, and if you can be bothered to get used to the awful inventory set up and dodgy controls (honestly make resi 5 inventory system seem like a blessing), this isnt a bad game, good production values (upon loading a saved game you get a previously in alone in the dark cut scene flash bak akin to lost/ prison break episodes).

Worth £5 for the hours your get out of it if you can be bothered, and worth £5 for the easy achievements your pick up on the way.

ordered this the other day along with "the darkness", also £4.91 !!

dont forget quidco ! :thumbsup:

good price for an ok game, voted hot
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