Alone In The Dark - XBox360 for £24.99 online

Alone In The Dark - XBox360 for £24.99 online

Found 10th Jul 2008
Seems a good deal for a new game. See sales blarb below:

Don't go into the park alone at night. You'll find all sorts there. Muggers, tramps, sexual deviants, and... maybe something a lot, lot worse.

A lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng time ago, the first Alone in the Dark game drew players into a world where fear was used as a weapon, creating a tense and ominous atmosphere. Now Atari, with the help of developer Eden Games, hopes to repeat the experience.

Edward Carnby, the protagonist of the original game, has returned. Over the course of one frightful night, he must uncover the dark secrets that shroud Manhattan's long-protected 1.3 square miles of greenery, Central Park. Whatever you do, however, don't make the mistake of assuming this is a whodunnit. As you try to unravel the mystery, you'll be fighting for your life against all manner of 'ugly'.

Eden Games has worked hard to make everything in the game work as it would in real life. If you think you could pick something up to bash a creature until gooey stuff comes out of it, you can in the game. If you think you could douse something in petrol and set it on fire in life, you can do it in the game. You'll put these aspects in the game to use not just during combat, but also in puzzle situations where you're left with just enough tools at your disposal to get the job done.

The game unfolds in the vast open world of Central Park, with not a load screen in sight. Evil nasties will pursue you relentlessly across the park, not limited to the areas that spawned them. Fortunately, you'll find vehicles strewn around which you can use to avoid them or, if you prefer, use as weapons against them.

It's probably too late to warn you against going into the park alone at night. But, you know, watch your back...


I noticed Game had this on a poster today same price, i'm pretty sure it was for a new copy

I got this game and was very disappointed. The gameplay isn't very good. Some very annoying and slow camera angles make the game feel sluggish and frustrating to play. Still good price for a new game.

Yep after all the hype turns out its not that good, price crashing on this most places at the mo!, I will give it a few more weeks and pick it up sub £20!



i thought the game is actually quiet good

if you ignore the few annoyances the gameplay is pretty good

Not a bad price for a recent release.


I noticed Game had this on a poster today same price, i'm pretty sure it … I noticed Game had this on a poster today same price, i'm pretty sure it was for a new copy

Yes instore @ game too.

Shame this didn't get good reviews.


never ever follow reviews
i know games are expensive but i have bought games because reviews said they was good and turned out to be rubbish
and i have tried games that are ment to be rubbish and found them to be good enough to play

best idea is rent a game see if its worth buying

Good price Hot..

Probably the worst game I've played so far this gen.

Reviews are there for a reason, you read them to get an idea of what a game is like. They were spot on this time.

Poor game, full of bugs and problems. Avoid.

Agree with above comments. I got it free with Zoo and sold straight away.

It's basically unplayable.

Id wait a month i think it will around £17


Agree with above comments. I got it free with Zoo and sold straight … Agree with above comments. I got it free with Zoo and sold straight away.It's basically unplayable.

Yes I agree that the game is laden with minor issues that do impact on game-play (something I'm sure they will attempt to fix in an future update)but I wouldn't go as far as to call it "unplayable" though!

The game is still worth playing to enjoy its many benefits. These include a very intuitive weapons and items interface that allow you to combine many different combinations of things (many of which may at first seem useless) into powerful weapons or tools. The plot is gritty and keeps you hooked; Graphics are certainly above average and the physics are some of the most impressive I've ever seen! The music is generally very good, although I agree with one review I heard, that it could be more "atmospheric" (you'll see what I mean if you play AITD4).

My tip: rent this title out first. That's what I do with 99% of my 360 titles.(I recommend Lovefilm's unlimited game rentals for £15 per month) You can always acquire the game afterwards if you like it!

i have got all of my fingers crossed for a ps3 version with all the minor issues ironed out.

from the reviews it sounds like a little work could let this game be the game we all wanted it to be.

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Wow I remember reading all the previews and thinking it looked pretty good (although not my type of game).

Did notice in recent reviews it got around 7 which for magazines nowdays is a bad score!

is this worth getting??
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