Alpha Protocol £3.96 @ Direct2Drive
Alpha Protocol £3.96 @ Direct2Drive

Alpha Protocol £3.96 @ Direct2Drive

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Add code RUDOLPH at Checkout to take the price down 20% from £4.95 to £3.96, even cheaper than the Steam deal last month which became HOT!

Great game and well worth your time.

In the world of espionage, nothing is as it seems in Obsidian Entertainment’s blockbuster RPG thriller, Alpha Protocol™. Players will assume the role of Michael Thorton, a highly skilled – yet inexperienced - government operative trained to eliminate threats to national security. When a mission goes horribly wrong, Thorton is the only one with the information, skills, and audacity to stop an impending international catastrophe. To do so, he will utilize the very government directive that the enemy sought to use to against him - Alpha Protocol.

Alpha Protocol Download Features

•Redefined RPG – Classless system gives players the ability to mold Thorton into the secret agent they want him to become with lethal close combat techniques, marksman skills proficiency with gadgets and much more.
•The International Spy – Players will travel around the world to international safe house locations to obtain information and mission objectives and conduct meetings with a growing list of contacts.
•Dialogue Stance System – With an innovative real-time dialogue system, characters will remember conversations and the relationships with allies; enemies will be determined by their attitude and the dialogue response chosen by the player.
Alpha Protocol Download Minimum System Requirements

•Operating system: Windows XP® or Windows Vista®
•Processor: 2.4+ GHZ Intel® or 2.0+ GHZ AMD™
•Memory: 1 Gigabyte Ram (Windows XP®)
•2 Gigabyte Ram (Windows Vista®)
•Hard disk space: 12 Gigabytes
•Video: NVIDIA® GeForce 6 series (6800GT or better)
•ATI™ 1300XT series or greater (X1550, X1600 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements)
•Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
Alpha Protocol Download File Size

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