Alpha Protocol - PS3/XBox 360 £17.43 delivered @ The Hut
Alpha Protocol  - PS3/XBox 360 £17.43 delivered @ The Hut

Alpha Protocol - PS3/XBox 360 £17.43 delivered @ The Hut

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Tailor your espionage skills and training to your play style and become the world's deadliest rogue agent in Obsidian Entertainment's blockbuster modern day espionage RPG thriller.

When a CIA operative is cut off from his own agency, when he no longer has backup, when his ties to the US government are severed, he has one option: the Alpha Protocol. Agent Mike Thorton's investigation led him to a once-in-a-career target, but when the operation gets called off at the last minute, that's when it begins. Plots are in motion in major cities around the world that will change them forever. Thorton has to work against the odds and the most dangerous operators in the spy game if he's going to stop them... and he will have to do it alone.

* Unique Action-based RPG skill system: Become a spy, marksman, or technician among many other classes. The familiarities of today's shooters are mixed with unique roleplaying abilities.
* Movie blockbuster experience: High production espionage thriller. James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets Jack Bauer.
* Morally Complex Choices: Relationships alter story and side quests based on both conversations and actions. The gameplay system is directly tied into the narrative.
* Revolutionary Dialog Stance System: A new dialog system based on emotive responses.


Good price only came out last month. Mixed reviews though.



This is the game that I'm currently playing. It's a little flaky in places, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

The game definitely has more than it's fair share of bugs and nuances, and it's nowhere near the game the developers wanted it to be, but it's still fun to play and a great price.

I had been looking forward to this last year, though was put off when I heard it was delayed for a bid redesign. The quick fall in price suggests this wasn't a great hit, but should still be good fun at half the price


Good price only came out last month. Mixed reviews though...

(28 May 2010 in Europe/UK)



Will wait till this comes down to a fiver so i can smash it up
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