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AlphaSync Gaming Desktop PC, Ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, 5700XT GPU from Ebuyer/Ebay
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AlphaSync Gaming Desktop PC, Ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, 5700XT GPU from Ebuyer/Ebay

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Posted 6th JanEdited by:"sarden84"

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

So here we have another Build and another AlphaSync

ive not jumped on to the AlphaSync range as the CCL deals are better.
but ive been asked to strip one down, spec now that the Ebay code is on and this one hasn't been posted.. the 2700x with a 2080 which is just "overkill for alot of folks"..

This build VS Self build prices..

Ryzen 7 8core 16 thread CPU £155...
+ perfect gaming/Workstation CPU.

16GB DDR4 Ram Corsair Air 3000mhz £58
- Single Channel Ram...

MSI B450M Pro-M2 Motherboard £67 (on offer via ebay/ebuyer £52*)..

1TB HDD Barracuda £33

240GB SSD Corsair MP510 Nvme £46 (on offer ebuyer £41*)

Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB typical around £350.00 depend on version.

WIFI, usual 300n around £9

650W Corsair 650 prob a typical VS model.. £50

Corsair Spec-04 PC Case £60

Windows 10 Home
3 Year Warranty (1Yr Parts 3Yr Labour) Bonus over self build.

typical part prices £828
There price build with warrenty £836
*self builds could save a little extra on current promos

so a build excess in the region of £10 over typical parts.


16GB ram is in single channel is defo their method of clearing excess stock, rather then dual channel.. which is a little better, its not the gods gift its just better.. and alot of prem users will laugh at single channel.. BUT! does make it cheaper to upgrade as u just by another 16gb rather then trying to flog 2x8gbs in order to get 2x16gb otherwise 4x8gbs....

as this 2700x builds VS ccl 2700x this has the upper hand due to the GPU rather then a 5700 via CCL

however the CCL has a better PSU when edited to this price range from the post on here and has some much freedom to change everything and has dual channel ram but while the offer in ebay, the ebuyer deal has the upper hand due to the GPU!. unless ur going to o/C the 5700...

this is aimed at 2700x purchasers, defo ccl for the 2600x or 3600x

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Pretty good deal imo!
Solid spec in an ugly case
ibz10006/01/2020 23:05

Solid spec in an ugly case

you got a point, thats another winner for CCL on the 2700x range and the bonus with CCL they will swap cases just give them a call. CCL2600x/3600x is fantastic.. said from day one the 2700x is very hard with ccl

if its the case which is putting people off give em a call... now i know ud get the usual call centre script down the line...
and this is an ebay one, but end of the day, order it if u want this, give them a call with invoice number..

hi ive had a change of mind on the pc and id like to use my 14 days cancellation policy please based on it being an internet purchase, its just that the specs are fine but the case is after consideration is awe full. - any decent firm no problem what case are u thinking(have a look on their site before hand... ) and have ago at it.. end of the day its not too far away for end of year sales stats... and they dont want a refund on their books.. so its all worth trying.
Why couldn't this be a better CPU. decent specs not the best cpu
Whoops I thought it was ryzen 3
If the board only has 2 RAM slots then I agree on the 1 x 16GB and add another a year or 2 from now. I prefer Supernova PSU but that's personal preference. Storage is on the small side though - a bigger SSD and bigger HDD are not much more money but I guess this can't be customised. Otherwise a good spec for a pretty serious PC gamer with the money to spare.
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