Alpkit SkyeHigh 400 Goosedown Sleeping Bag £45 delivered

Alpkit SkyeHigh 400 Goosedown Sleeping Bag £45 delivered

Found 13th Nov 2008
Nice if it's a bit chilly, but you prefer your ice in your tea. Designed for the fair weather camper who may sleep under canvas in the spring and autumn but only if the weather forecast is favourable, you would be uncomfortable in this bag if there is a likelihood of frost in the morning. Ideal for DofE or perhaps a World Challenge.

This bag was £65. They have 3 lengths which cost £40, £45 and £50. The regular size is 210cm long and suitable for people up to 6'1" tall.


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Size options. Short, Regular and Long versions. Check your length before buying.

Contoured zip. The YKK zipper swooshes up over the shoulder

Velcro closure. Component parts of the highest quality, YKK zips, Duraflex buckles and accessories.

Neck baffles keep you nice and cosy inside the bag. An internal pocket keeps your little goodies from ending up by your feet.

Alpkit are a really good company for camping and climbing stuff. I've got one of their down jackets and a Stealthy Gourdon waterproof backpack. The quality of these is really good, and the customer service is excellent with delivery a day after placing the order. . They have an excellent ]buyer's guide for sleeping bags

The washing instructions on the label of my jacket are:

[url][/url]Down JacketCountry of Origin: ChinaFabric: … [url][/url]Down JacketCountry of Origin: ChinaFabric: NylonFilling: White China Goose Down 90%Down / 10% FeathersCare InstructionsThis Down Jacket does not have to be professionally cleaned. However in order to get the best chance of restoring it's original performance, we recommend you use. WE Franklin (0114) 268 6161 based in Sheffield [url][/url]If you decide to clean the bag yourself then checkout: for detailed care instructions.If you're in a rush and can't be bothered to log on then at least read the following quick guide:Wash gently on cold cycle. Rinse thoroughly. Spin for a short time.Only tumble dry in a large commercial drier (and agitate frequently) other wise (sic) air dry on a horizontal rack.You have two main priority (sic). Don't let the soaked down rip the baffles and ensure whilst drying you agitate the bag to stop the down from clumping.And for those of you who speak pictogram

... It then has a 30C symbol a triangle with a cross through it (no Youth Hostelling?), an iron with one dot, a circle with a cross through it and a square with a circle in the middle and a dot in the middle of that.

Original Poster…v=1 is a review that ends:

If someone showed you a SkyeHigh 400 and then told you the price was just … If someone showed you a SkyeHigh 400 and then told you the price was just £65 you'd mostly likely splutter into your camping mug and spray tea all over the inside of your tent. At this price it's an absolute, shocking, steal.

Here, its £45

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My sleeping bag has arrived. It has a stuff sac and a storage bag. I saw Tesco had a ]£35 down bag the other day which ]had reasonable reviews. However, it think I prefer the Alpkit one as it has a bit more filling and has a neck baffle.

My Alpkit bag is a dull mid-blue colour, with a black stuff sac and a grey and red storage bag.
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