Alpkit Tetri 2-person Tent for £115 @ Alpkit

Alpkit Tetri 2-person Tent for £115 @ Alpkit

Found 30th Jul 2017
A 2 person, 3 pole geodesic backpacking tent.
I have had one of these for a couple of months now. The geodesic design makes it fairly sturdy, its fine in a bit of wind. And seems to be waterproof, no problems in wet weather. It pitches outer first, which is good if its raining.

Enough room for 2 people, or nice and spacious if you're on your own.
Weighs 3kg, so not ultralightweight, but not too heavy to carry for backpacking or cycling etc.

Usual price is £135, reduced to £115 until Tuesday 1st August.
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What's the weight on this vclaw ?
Just checked 3kg all in , fair heft, anyone got any ideas on good lightweight bikepacking tents , running a oex one man the now but looking for something bigger inside around the 1 to 1.5kg mark
Only 3000mm HH so not a brilliant spec for the price point.
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