Alpro milk varieties. 3 litres for £3 @ Waitrose

Alpro milk varieties. 3 litres for £3 @ Waitrose

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Coconut Milk
Coconut and Almond Milk mix
Hazelnut Milk
Soya Milk
Low Fat Soya Milk
Roasted Almond Milk Unsweetened
Unroasted Almond Milk Unsweetened
Almond Milk Sweetened.
Chocolate Flavoured Almond Milk
Organic Soya Milk
Alpro Soya Growing Up Drink
Alpro longlife dairy free soya chocolate drink, pack of 3 3x250ml
Alpro longlife dairy free soya strawberry drink, pack of 3 3x250ml
Alpro Oat Original
Alpro longlife vanilla flavour soya drink

Various of the above are also available fresh for 2 for £2.

Unfortunately the delicious UHT creamy cashew milk is not part of this offer but you can buy it fresh for £1 a litre in Sainsbury's or 2 for £2 fresh from Waitrose

Also note that unsweetened and sweetened hemp milk is being sold off half price or about 77p a litre, as are quinoa milk (who's bright idea was that?) and others.

£20 off an £80 spend at the moment if you're a new member or haven't used up your five yet. Free delivery.

Alpro four pack desserts are also 3 for £3. Considering that soya makes up a fair proportion of dairy feed, you're really doing your bit for the environment by cutting out the middle cow in this way.
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Great alternative to cow puss. Rastafari is the almighty.
Asda unsweeted soya milk is only 0.59p . Tastes better and much healthier. To drink milk with added sugar is unhealthy.
Is this just online or in store too? Thanks
All are drinks not milks.
Alpro oat milk is a pound a litre in sainsburys
cold for this fake milk
...yeah, that's not really how a deal site works, but thanks for dropping by anyway.
Voted hot to counteract idiotic voting, same as I did in the Brexit vote (just a shame the idiots outnumbered us).
I've got a British Gas £10 off £100 spend on Waitrose too. So stocking up on oat milk
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