Altec Lansing M402 Moondance GLOW Speaker Docs - Free Delivery £49.99 @

Altec Lansing M402 Moondance GLOW Speaker Docs - Free Delivery £49.99 @

Found 4th Sep 2009
On Amazon ( Was £129.99 Now £59.99)

# Crystal-clear Sound - Precision-engineered speakers deliver full-spectrum sound.
# Mood Lighting - Choose your color and intensity, then splash it on the wall; or turn it off.
# FM Radio - Features 4 station presets and wire antenna for superior reception.
# Dual alarms - Wake to your iPod, radio or alarm.
# Wireless Snooze Remote - Hit it and go back to sleep.
# Enhanced Remote - Controls speaker system functions, FM radio, alarm, and playlist and song navigation.
# Onboard Controls - Mood lighting and all other functions can be controlled from the Moondance Glow.
# Amber LCD with Dimmer Light - Displays song and FM data feeds (RDS).
# Auxiliary Input - Connects a second audio source, including portable CD, DVD, and other MP3 players.
# Modes - M402(SR) & iMT702 Reset / FM Region Selection Procedures



Hi tasman23
Thanks for posting. I've edited/fixed a a fair few of your recent posts. Could you post the "link" into the "link" field when posting a deal please? Emmajk42 / Juliet_Bravo wrote a couple of very comprehensive and excellent guides for newcomers to HUKD here: -…ne/…177
They are well worth taking a look at.
Kind regards Andy

I still think this is a good deal. It's been luke warm on HUKD a few times. I've had a look at a lot of systems around this price range and this one seems to be the best for one that includes an FM radio. I was considering this and the Gear4 Houseparty 4 but this one seems to be a better model for the same price, £49.99 originally retailing around the £100 mark.

Next cheapest is Amazon @£61.12 and everywhere else it's closer to £80. Seems to get good reviews, the only niggly thing being it's not straightforward to figure out how to set the thing but that doesn't bother me too much.


Got this earlier in the week. All set up. It's a nice looking system, much better than the pictures. I'm surprised HMV still have stock at this price.

The iPod adapters are annoying to fit because they're not labelled and once they're on it can be tricky to take off. The display is one of those LCD types with a poor viewing angle so that's kinda crap. The radio reception is poor-- i extended the antenna fully and it won't get local stations that are easily accessible on my old radio. Anyway, the main thing: the sound. It is excellent. It sounds MUCH better than similarly prices sytems. The quality of the finish, including the nice touch sensitive buttons, is very high too at this price. I haven't tried the wireless remote snooze button thing, but overall very good system.
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