Altec Lansing Noise Cancel headphones (AHP712) - £25.52 (tax free)

Altec Lansing Noise Cancel headphones (AHP712) - £25.52 (tax free)

Found 25th Sep 2006
OK, this one is not for everyone but if you travel a lot (like I do, unfortunately) then you probably want some noise cancelling headphones. I tried several NC headphones by Philips, JVC, Sony and Panasonic and in my opinion it didn't really worth money they asking for it. Of course, YMMV.

Anyway, Dixons Tax Free shop at Heathrow Terminal 2 (not sure if they also sell it elsewehere) offers Altec Lansing AHP712 (see full spec here) at a bargain price of just £25.52. I have to say that these are the first headphones that really got ANR (Active Noise Reduction) working well, IMHO. These phones aren't the smallest and not the prettiest, but it is really a bargain, compared to competition.
Package comprises of:
1. Headphones
2. cables (2 lengths - short one is about 15" and a long one is roughly 6'.
3. In-flight adaptor
4. Thick adaptor (for Hi-Fi)

Note that no batteries (1xAAA required) are included.

I am not sure whether this deal is available in "normal" Dixons or is it limited to airport branches only. But these headphones are normally sold at 50 quid in other shops, so Dixons' offering is quite good.
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Thanks for this Kommunist
are these girlfriend cancelling aswell?
lol! Nice deal Kommunist thank you!
These sound great. I can't find them by clicking the link and searching for Altec Lansing though; am I doing something wrong?
Are they comfortable to wear? I've tried the creative ones and they work brilliantly (especially on long haul flights), but they can be a bit tight to wear after a while.
These phones are not on their website unfortunately. There was a huge bin (yes, I mean bin) next to Dixons entrance at Terminal 2 (Heathrow) and it was full of these headphones.
As I said, I am not sure whether these are available at other locations.

As to comfort, yes these are very comfortable if you like closed cup headphones. I went to Portugal (a bit longer than two hours' flight) and had no issues with it. Apart from strange feeling when I flipped ANR On button - all background noise virtually disappeared. So I had to remove phones to ensure that engines are still running
Thank you for clarifying. Hope they're still there when I'm at the airport next month.
With the cheap Ryanair tickets posted today this is even hotter :-D

I just discovered them for £29.99 at (that's £29.39 after Quidco discount)
That's a very good find! Thank you.
These are on the dixons site now and you can pre order before going to the airport.

Thanks to this post, I bought some of these at LHR before flying to New York last month... they're good. Quite bulky and so not necessarily easy to sleep in, if you were wanting them to blank out noise for that reason, but they clearly do protect your hearing in that without them I needed the IFE volume to be turned up to about 8 out of 10, and with them the sound was loud and clear at 3 out of 10. You don't realise how much that background 'whoosh' on the plane is kicking seven shades out of your eardrums until its gone!

Quality isn't perfect - the bag they come in tore quite easily and I've read reviews of the spongy parts on the ear cups falling off - but they're cheap and they work... just be gentle with them.
...actually, another thing worth mentioning is that there were other types for sale at Dixons at the airport which were similarly priced - so, these weren't a 'stand out' discount. I'd buy them again, but it's worth knowing that there were some Philips in-ear ANR headphones for sale too... and I think some Sony ones... for not much more expensive... so: I personally would happily buy these, but I'd go and compare them at the airport rather than pre-order.
I tried Philips ones at Dixons (staff there was very helpful and allowed me to test it in store) and I wasn't impressed at all, much worse than Panasonic in-ear ones I had before. Haven't tried their new Sony ones though.
The bag on mine is still OK after several trips, so can't complain about it.
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