altered - Download Free Astronomy Book worth £9.99!
altered - Download Free Astronomy Book worth £9.99!

altered - Download Free Astronomy Book worth £9.99!

**As it appears link didn't work I googled I've found an alternative free e-book version. I haven't tried downloading or virus scanning it as I'm not into astronomy myself but it's worth a try

We have a fantastic special offer for all Telescope World visitors to download a 100% FREE copy of Be A Stargazer - A Guide to Astronomy !

This book is currently selling on Astronomy Book for £9.99

This fantastic 305 page book explains in detail astronomical instruments, including the telescope, refracting telescope, reflecting telescope and spectroscope. The book begins by explaining the concepts of light and colour, moves on to how modern day instruments - and the types of them - can help explore the night sky in intracate detail plus has hundreds of pages on the planets, earths moon, asteriods and constallations.

The book also includes a fabulous and informative section helping you find stars in the sky - including maps, diagrams and directions!

This amazing book is yours free to download! Simply enter your email address below, press submit, and we will send you your free copy!


lol same with me...genius

The link doesn't work...

Would be my top favourite deal of all time if I get get it to work

Disappointed .... my lad would have liked this:-(

didnt work. tried to download it on their site but that didnt work either

just tried to 'contact- them to say the link doesnt work, but neither does the 'contact' button.

Worked for me from the Go to deal link on Firefox
Zip file took about 20 seconds to download.

Downloaded this just fine.

Try this: ohrep.com/flo…zip

seems to be working now. i did F5 before i tried it though

the link works fine for me.
the ebook is in microsoft word format

downloaded ok now, thx
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