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G.Skill Aegis DDR4 memory module 16 GB 3000 MHz (1 x 16GB), RAM [£83.90 + £9.90 delivery] @ Alternate
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Item ID: IEIGGR26 Type SDRAM-DDR4 EAN 4719692013453 Manufacturer number F4-3000C16S-16GISB Series Aegis Capacity 16 GB Mod… Read more

Im not sure im technically minded enough to overclock slower ram however it is good to know that i can use a higher speed ram. Prices on RAM are eyewatering at the moment so ill keep an eye on latest deals. Appreciate the information!


you can't mix ddr4 and ddr3 together in the same system . You can put a higher speed ram into the same system so ddr3 800 and 1333 together and it would sync to the lower speed(spd chip depending). You can then manually overclock the slower speed ram.


Thank you. I completely missed that this was a ddr4 (embarrassed)


Yes, but you generally shouldn't. I also don't think you can mix ddr3 and ddr4. If they are the same speed it should be OK in general.


Slightly off topic but can you mix different RAM together. Currently have g.skill ripjaws ddr3, 1333mhz, pc10666 1.5v

32GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4 memory 2 * 16 GB 3000 MHz, RAM (DDR4, 3000 MHz) £185.70 @ Alternate
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
32GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4 memory 2 * 16 GB 3000 MHz, RAM (DDR4, 3000 MHz) £185.70 @ Alternate
G.Skill Aegis DDR4 memory module 16 GB 3000 MHz, RAM2 * (16 GB, 1 x 16 GB, DDR4, 3000 MHz) Single 16gb £97Dual 2* 16gb (32gb) £185.70 Capacity: 16 GBTimings: CL16 18-18-38Price pe… Read more

To heat it up abit more? Wouldn't make much sense. Think you mean a heatsink.


does it have radiator on it?


Alright you guys tempted me.. Will let you know how it pans out ;-)


Ordered many things from alternate usually via. De site and have had great communication. With support even on there German site. Only thing kills it is £9.99 delivery charges although if price is right then it doesn't matter


Never heard of em either but googled them and turns out they’re a Germany based company that dispatch to many countries including UK (for now at least lol). Trust pilot score of 4.5/10 isn’t so great but many reviews seem to be from folks expecting to have purchased from a UK store and are miffed when they find out otherwise. Damn EU 😜

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC, Graphics card £569 @ Alternate
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC, Graphics card £569 @ Alternate
£569£6198%Alternate Deals
This is almost £100 cheaper than most other places. Have not heard of this company but others may of had some good experience with them. Might be worth taking a chance??? (Put it… Read more
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This is what I plan to do. I can't even imagine RT being effective or coming straight into everyday games. This stuff will take years imo. That's where second and third generation comes into the market from NVIDIA to which I'm happy to buy. This RTX first generation will extremely expensive imo.


What XD What XD On topic: 1080ti can be had £400/450 not new but but but


I have a 10bit panel. If it was a TN the issue isn't noticeable.


Ive never heard this before in nearly 22 years of pc gaming. Your graphics card isn't the one to wash out colour your display will be the issue. Get a new monitor with a different panel, have a look online for what panel best suits your needs for colour replication. If what you were saying was actually true then gpus would be quoting how accurate their true colour representation was on the front of the box and those into photo editing would be buying cards to get great colours but they don't, they buy quality displays to replicate true to life colours and cards to push the pixel count.


I would buy this, but the colours are washed out on Nvidia compared to AMD. Anyway to improve?

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Patriot Viper White LED 16GB DDR4 2400MHz memory module, RAM - £134.90 @ Alternate
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
Patriot Viper White LED 16GB DDR4 2400MHz memory module, RAM - £134.90 @ Alternate
£134.90£18929%Alternate Deals
Item ID: IEIGPJ40 Type SDRAM-DDR4 EAN 0814914024119 Manufacturer number PVLW416G240C4K Series Viper LED Capacity 16 GB (2 x 8,192 MB) Module 2 Pieces Design DIMM Connecti… Read more
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Oh my. This post is gold...Not the deal, the comments. Gold!!


So I didn't deliding the CPU? My son didn't bend pins on the CPU? My ram slot didn't stop working leaving me with 4gbnof ram?


All of it.


Which part, exactly, is rubbish?



XIAOMI POCOPHONE F1 128GB, UKSeller/Warranty, Dual SIM, Android 8.1 (Oreo) £344  at Alternate
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
XIAOMI POCOPHONE F1 128GB, UKSeller/Warranty, Dual SIM, Android 8.1 (Oreo) £344 at Alternate
XIAOMI POCOPHONE F1 128GB, MOBILE PHONEblack, Dual SIM, Android 8.1 128GB Model @£344 with warranty no customs @ 64GB Model @£309 also black /blue models Disp… Read more
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MP values don't indicate much about the camera's quality. Mi A2 Lite has a 12+5 setup like Pocophone and the Mi A1 has 12+12 with optical zoom like the Mi 8 but the photo quality won't be the same due a number of factors such as aperture differences. Also there's differences in dual camera systems. See here<. The Pocophone uses a depth sensor. The secondary camera has a high aperture which allows for a shallow depth of field (blurred background) effect. High MP isn't required for that function. The Mi 8 uses telephoto camera, which allows for optical zoom since the secondary camera has a higher focal length. The secondary camera is more about added functionality rather than increasing photo quality.


Yes, that's why aren't allowed to ship out any phones.


Probably nonsense, but all have 12+5 setup and mi8 has 12+12 with optical zoom, A2 has a 12+20 and any can be used as main camera.


That's not good Germany prohibite mobile phones sent by the post


This shares the same highly rated camera as the current Xiaomi flagship model - at nearly half the price, but haters gonna hate. Even the "terrible" cameras on my Note 3 & 4 phones are better than the "good" camera on the Samsung Note 4 (which my wife owns). As I said, haters gonna hate - and make up excuses.

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AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-core 12-thread CPU including Wraith Spire Cooler £174.90 @ Alternate
Found 4th Jul 2018Found 4th Jul 2018
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-core 12-thread CPU including Wraith Spire Cooler £174.90 @ Alternate
£174.90£194.9910%Alternate Deals
Previous cheapest wa £194.99. This is a great price for a 6-core 12-thread CPU on AMD's newest 12nm architecture and includes a good cooler. The turbo clock of 4.2Ghz means perform… Read more
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Expired. £199.90 now.


My first windows PC was with AMD, my first 'good' graphics card was with ATI and my second one was ATI as well. Everything they've done since has simply made me not want to buy their products. I don't think Infinity Fabric is the real future for CPUs, because it adds so much latency, but I don't think the Intel Ring Bus is either... So we'll see what happens soon.


Point taken about AM3 and AM3+. I’m giving it some consideration but I can’t see the game moving on to render my 3550 i5 useless. Its single threaded performance is making sure its my GPU bottlenecking me in games I play. I bought my cpu maybe 4/5 years ago. Maybe even 6. Its still decent enough. Not good for anything too intensive obviously like rendering. That’s a very good point. I want significant features to make the upgrade worthwhile. I forgot about M2 SSDs. I’m still using Sata 6gbs SSDs. I do think you’re bang on about what will likely happen with the 3000 series given the past. Tbh like you said before. The gap between 2000 and 3000 series isn’t going to be extensive enough to offset the addition in cost. Not really an AMD fan lol. Want to be but AMD make it so hard!


History says far different about AMD's 'backwards compatibility'. AMD have claimed support for AM4 until 2020, but this is really not that far away for starters. But what we to remember is how they provided support in the past, when they were actually creating new CPUs. The AM3 boards were replaced by AM3+. You could, from a technical point of view, use the latest version of CPUs, but you would lose enough features that most didn't bother. But here's the real question. Are you planning on replacing your CPU in the next 1.5 years? I have yet to meet a person who has an upgrade plan for CPUs on that short of scale. I personally hadn't bought a new CPU for 7 years. When was the last time you bought a CPU? By the time I want a new CPU, the motherboard technology has progressed so far and so fast that I want M.2 and I want all the other new features. If you plan on upgrading CPUs in under a years time, then sure, the AMD board may pan out slightly better. But again, who does that? Also, it isn't unprecedented that a motherboard lasts 2 generations. Ryzen and Ryzen 2 (that's the 3000 series) have been intel's standard for years. I have my doubts that AMD will fully support this motherboard with the Ryzen 2 anyway, I expect AM4+ to be the 'correct' board, but with perfunctory support for the AM4 (It works, but all the shiny new features don't) and you'll see loads of problems, require motherboard bios flashes (this is already the case with 2200g and 2400g), hear stories of bricks, and issues. So no, I don't think longevity matters here, I think it's all about PR rather than substance. It was a dig at Intel that AMD fans can use to 'shoot down' Intel when comparisons happen.


It is sad however as its a bit too little to late. Software isn’t really geared to multiple cores unless its at the top end for consumers like adobe or enterprise workstation stuff. Gaming wise. The gpu tends to be the bottle neck most times. Its actually making think about plumping for a 1080ti. AMD are so far behind nvidia I reckon we’ll just get the trickle affect. 5/10% performance gain instead of the beastly 20/30% between 9th and 10th gen.

Intenso 512GB M.2 SATA SSD from £73.90 + £9.90 P&P - £83.80 at Alternate
Found 28th Jun 2018Found 28th Jun 2018
Intenso 512GB M.2 SATA SSD from £73.90 + £9.90 P&P - £83.80 at Alternate
Cheap drive (14.4p per GB), shame about the expensive P&P, but if you are buying something else they have competitively priced it may work out better for you. Drive specs are … Read more
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Intex 28272NP Framed pool Rectangular Blue above ground pool, Swimming pool £51.90 @ Alternate
Found 3rd May 2018Found 3rd May 2018
Intex 28272NP Framed pool Rectangular Blue above ground pool, Swimming pool £51.90 @ Alternate
Family swimming pool TypeFamily poolSeriesblueEAN6941057400273Manufacturer number128272NPBuildingFrame-Pool, steel frameFormRectangularSuitable asPool turn onContentWater capacity3… Read more

Hey Guys, can we get some actual measurements on this in meters? Something that hasn’t been made up would be preferable :)


It’s basically a reasonably sized paddling pool!


It’s basically a reasonably sizes paddling pool!


Hahahaha, Sorry I meant 750mm


try 750mm circa 30 inches I guess, not much deeper than a decent bath! lol :/

Lg g6 black - £423.99 @ Alternate
Found 12th Aug 2017Found 12th Aug 2017
Lg g6 black - £423.99 @ Alternate
24 month warranty, price includes shipping costs to the UK

​Yes - the v30 is looking pretty good, rumours are pointing to it being a slightly larger g6 with an amoled screen. It may not be released in Europe or be a silly price but it's not long to wait. The new Note 8 rumours seem fairly firm that it will be a slightly larger S8 plus with a 6.3in screen and a similar tall aspect ratio. Spec wise it has a little more ram, a dual camera and of course a stylus although the price may be very high.


Fulfilled by Amazon, although the seller is US based.


About £10 cheaper (pay in Euros) from Seller Smart Tech Electronics fulfilled by Amazon.


I'm still astonished how people can spend 300/350 for the Asian version, a bit superior but basically without any warranty and voting the relative deals hot... :-)


Surely if the budget is not a problem, as it won't be any close to a price like that

Sony HT-XT3 2.1ch Hi Res TV Sound Base Wi-Fi & Bluetooth £289 from
Found 23rd Apr 2016Found 23rd Apr 2016
Sony HT-XT3 2.1ch Hi Res TV Sound Base Wi-Fi & Bluetooth £289 from
Lowest online price I can find!!! The Sony HT-XT3 soundbase boosts your TVs sound so you can hear it as intended by the artist. Its compact, all-in-one cabinet packs two integrate… Read more

thanks for the tip, seems good price if sony refurbished, as long as its under warranty and the item itself looks like new then why not.


The problem with these they are 2.1 - it does not improve the dialogue to any degree so if you're hearing is not as good as it used to don't bother. I wish they did a proper 5.1 so that the middle channel where the dialogue is, can be increased. Don't want the AV amp and satilite speakers all over the place. But people with normal hearing probably OK.


If your happy to have Refurbished, try the Sony Centres Direct web site, the HT XT3 is £229. I've had a few things from them and been very pleased.

Linde ride on kids forklift - -
Found 6th Dec 2015Found 6th Dec 2015
Linde ride on kids forklift - -
Kids ride on forklift been looking everywhere cheapest other I found was Smyths £169.99. The bairn has been antling on for days for wanting this from 'Santa'.

I see what you did there X)


cheeky monkey - you wouldn't say that if it ran over your foot :p


Science of stupid... There you go , something you may actually understand


​It means baby...


​imagination and forklift you are talking about this like its a science this must be a rocket science to you

Beats Solo2 Wireless Gold £167.80 @ Alternate
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Beats Solo2 Wireless Gold £167.80 @ Alternate
Sleek and stylish, Beats By Dr Dre Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have been given n premium look with their gold finish. You'll be able to unplug your Beats By Dr Dre Solo 2… Read more

Awfully cold in here!!! Must be winter.. BRrrrrrr


Just ordered a pair for my partner, thanks to OP. Decent headphones. I also have a pair of wireless studios myself which are fine for on the go. Most people probably like their kit to look good, especially if its sitting on their head ! You can go the 'google glass audio geek' look too, but most of us might struggle to pull that one off on the bus to work. I've got that covered at home, but that's a whole different audio experience, and not delivered by streaming music.


Totally agree. And the same a*holes vote cold on anything Dre. I have wireless Beats over ear phones and I love them.


And this does seem to be the lowest price I can see.


​Imagine that, tight a**es on a deal site! oO What people are trying to say, is that there are better value products out there for a similar price, which are in fact more premium than this, i.e. they sound better, which is the primary function of headphones. If wanting your headphones to "look good" is more important than sound though, fair play to you, but that's something that's entirely subjective. I personally don't like the look or sound of beats when I've tried them, but thousands of people obviously do. If it's cheaper than anywhere else everything on here should be voted hot, but unfortunately people seem to have an agenda against certain brands.

dyson v6 animal from Alternate £234.94
Found 28th Oct 2015Found 28th Oct 2015
dyson v6 animal from Alternate £234.94
dyson v6 animal from Alternate £234.94
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good price

Dell UltraSharp U2515H, LED-Monitor - 25" - 2560x1440 £237.80 @ Alternate
Found 24th Oct 2015Found 24th Oct 2015
Dell UltraSharp U2515H, LED-Monitor - 25" - 2560x1440 £237.80 @ Alternate
A very nice monitor - I own one and wanted a second. Best price I can find, beating amazon market sellers in Germany. AQA Labs offer a better price, but their reputation put me o… Read more
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Good price - start a deal!

ukpanda £212 delivered here


has anyone mounted this monitor on an arm or stand?


I've linked this monitor to my laptop which has Intel HD 4000 internal gfx - with a little tinkering the monitor does work at 2560 x 1440 at 55hz instead of 60hz (can't see the difference though I don't game, not that I can with that gfx card haha)


Thanks for that - the sublinks have moved, but I'll track it down and join (or find my old membership - I'm sure I have one somewhere!)

Dyson V6 Animal £263.90 @ Alternate
Found 23rd Oct 2015Found 23rd Oct 2015
Dyson V6 Animal £263.90 @ Alternate
Best price for this I can currently find. Need to replace my corded DC27 as it is too big and bulky for the stairs. 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers… Read more



what's the difference between the dyson dc62 and the dyson dc69 ?


battery dont last long with full charge - maybe 15 mins....


From the Dyson website The guarantee provided is applicable to the country in which the product was purchased. They seem legit, but not sure it would be worth the hassle if anything goes t!ts up & i would imagine it would come with a 2 pin plug. I would go with John Lewis or another UK based retailer.


Seem to be based in Germany. Never heard of them before. Owner: Alternate Computerversand GmbH Owner Address: Philipp-Reis-Str. 9 Owner City: Linden Owner Postcode: 35440 Owner Country : Germany Website Location : Germany

De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM22.110  £235.70 @ alternate
Found 5th Oct 2015Found 5th Oct 2015
De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM22.110 £235.70 @ alternate
Delonghi bean to cup coffee machine with milk frother £299.99 at Tesco… Read more

I never heard of this website. Has anyone had any experience with them?


Have a big family and all loves coffee :p


Silver one also available for an extra £30.00 for those that prefer silver. total: £265.70


That's almost 10 cups per day.... Really??


Entry level model. Good machine anyway. Mine DeLonghi Esam5000 still going strong for 5-th year and has made 17800 cups of coffee :)

Crucial BLS8G4D240FSA 8GB DDR4 £59.89 Delivered from
Found 16th Jun 2015Found 16th Jun 2015
Crucial BLS8G4D240FSA 8GB DDR4 £59.89 Delivered from
DDR4 prices have fallen dramatically recently; it's now about half the price it was six months ago, and only slightly more expensive than similar-speed (i.e. considering both laten… Read more

No, that's "RIP buying high-end RAM has a significant effect on overall system performance" (something we agree on). Once again, if you want an i7-5xxx, you need X99, which in turn requires DDR4. So very little point in buying more expensive DDR4 than this DDR4. Where did I recommend that? Hint: I didn't. In fact, that's what I was getting at with: "Amazon are slightly more expensive at £57.08 per 8GB module with free delivery, unless you're only buying a single module (why?!?)" in the deal text. Not (entirely) luck; planning - I bought not only the same brand, but exactly the same part, and in a period of time that I judged it would be unlikely the underlying specification would have changed. With DDR4 prices like this, though, it's probably not even worth that gamble for the sake of a ~4x£20=£80 likely maximum saving over the very long run. I keep asking because it's the key question. And a) It's irrelevant if it's no faster than DDR3 if you have a chipset that requires DDR4, b) quad channel DDR4 memory performance is still faster than dual channel DDR3 memory performance (by a factor of two, unsurprisingly), but c) memory performance doesn't matter much to overall system performance anyway. To me, "low spec" in this context would be anything from (i.e. DDR4, <2400MHz, CL15) and some of that is more expensive than this (EDIT: incidentally, 2133MHz is the fastest memory clock speed officially supported by the i7-5xxx memory controller, so even the "low spec" memory this deal is about is overkill if you're not going to overclock).


You seem to think the channels are a big deal, a selling point. RIP the channel argument. If you want to run in quad channel, you should buy a quad channel kit to begin with. Suggesting people buy one stick for the future possibility of going quad channel is bad advice, someone with a good knowledge of computers would know this. Sometimes sticks bought separately just don't play well together even if they're the same brand. Yes, often it's fine and you got lucky with your kits, but stop advising people to do the same. Why do you keep asking this? It's low spec compared with everything available on the consumer market. It's one of the slowest DDR4 kits available. Look at the product choices on the site you linked to. It's no faster than DDR3 kits. There's not much else to say. It's low spec.


To be expected. You also can't run DDR3 in dual channel with a single stick. My point is that DDR3 limits you to a maximum of dual channel regardless of how many sticks you buy. DDR4 doubles that limit if you're prepared to buy four modules (whether these 8GB modules, or smaller modules - personally, I think 8GB modules are the best use of a slot; I started with 2x8GB six months ago, and added two more now the price has halved). But low spec compared with what? Four channels of admittedly slightly (~24%) higher latency DDR4 is still faster than two channels of lower latency DDR3. And, if you want an i7-5xxx, you have no choice of running DDR3 even if you wanted to. And, to repeat myself, memory performance is only a tiny aspect (<5-10%) of overall system performance.


You can't use dual channel or quad channel with a single stick like this though. I wouldn't disagree that there are better ways to spend your money than on high performance RAM. But the first comment in this thread said this stick was good value, just low performance. Then you that argued that performance was high enough. And now that performance doesn't matter. Let's face it; it's good value, but low spec.


Fair enough (and 5.625ns stock), but then DDR3 only has dual channel operation vs. DDR4's quad channel operation. But latency and clockspeed are minor tweaks in terms of overall system performance (e.g; IMHO there are better places to spend extra money than on high-end performance memory.

Thrustmaster T300RS £245.70 -
Found 12th May 2015Found 12th May 2015
Thrustmaster T300RS £245.70 -
£227.90 + £17.80 delivery = £245.70 Best price I can find for this at the moment. Amazon UK is £299, Argos is out of stock, Game is £329 - £350. I haven't ordered anything from t… Read more
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Currently on Tesco direct for £245


Yup.. ended up going down the route. A happy TX user now :)


Check Amazon Italy and Germany. They are cheaper than this with roughly same delivery date.




Anyone actually bought from these guys? Looking at the tx and it's pretty cheap compared to most places.

Optoma EH200ST Full HD 3D ready sort throw projector £639 delivered -
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Optoma EH200ST Full HD 3D ready sort throw projector £639 delivered -
*** Three days after original post it went out of stock and price before shipping at 679 but still cheaper than any alternative I ve found*** There are not many Full HD short thro… Read more

Re optoma HD141X Full HD 1080p it is 409 before shipping should be 420 shipped at alternate. Re short throw up to £500 I would be surprised if you find one though the main reason I went for the one above was because I needed a Full hd short throw that could produce specifically a 2m in height image... Please do post here if you find one. There are some gt1070+ and gt1080 by optoma between 550 and 590 out there.


Anyone on here able to help me with recommendation for full hd, short throw projector upto around £500 ?? Sorry to go off topic, I did put this in ASK but only have 1 response. Hope you don;t mind. Need some advice.


Optoma HD141X Full HD 1080p projector is currently £449.99 on amazon but has been as low as £399.99. Good spec and amazing reviews. It's meant to work just as good even with sunlight shining in to room. I'm waiting for it to drop again.


Nice, but probably out of my price range. Any recommendations in the 2-3 hundred pound range?

New Dell U2515H 25" QHD 1440p Monitor - £239.80 Delivered @
Found 4th Mar 2015Found 4th Mar 2015
New Dell U2515H 25" QHD 1440p Monitor - £239.80 Delivered @
Currently the best price delivered for this Dell U2515H 25" 1440p — a very popular and well-respected monitor ... Good buy! --update 11/03/2015-- Now down to £227.80 delivered. (… Read more

I think the definitive answer about the warranty is, it's covered Europe-wide, and you deal directly with Dell. Register your product here, using the service tag on the back, and you'll be sorted.


@lucifon, it looks like you are correct and I've just pointlessly spent the best part of two hundred notes on a graphics card I didn't even need :( I wonder why it works much better on the work office set-up? The only thing I can think of is the pixel density is a lot closer to the other monitors at 1440p over 27" vs. 25", and that that has some influence? Also, the 1080p monitor is set as the primary one at work (here it's the 1440); maybe that makes a difference? There must be an answer to this out there somewhere?!! Oh well! At least, I have a really sh*t-hot graphics card now :|


Luckily I can run all of my games at native resolution but if I had to run all my games at 1080p and I would be disappointed. You not only lose some sharpness but also the brightness/contrast is increased so blacks appear dark grey, kind of like how an LCD looks. For the occassional game it would be fine.


I'm in a similar boat, game so rarely now upgrading my 7850 would be a waste of money. The extra real estate when coding would be very welcome though, wondering how the upscaling would look for games on a direct 1:4 from 720p?


Depends on your need. I play games but have no desire to waste 300 notes on GPU to push this many pixels. 1080p and a £120 card will do me fine.

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