Alternative Gifts: 50% off clearance sale +20% Quidco

Alternative Gifts: 50% off clearance sale +20% Quidco

Found 19th Oct 2006
Alternative gifts have a large selection of stuff in their 50% off clearance sale .. gadgets / gifts... + Quidco is giving 20%


Just ordered :

Wifes been hinting she'd love one for ages so its perfect for Chrimble. £34.99 with 20% quidco. £15 delivery though. (Over £40 orders get a pink stationery set too!)

Excellent find, thanks


Thanks CWhatley, some bargains to be had there!

Jonno, £15 delivery to Northern Ireland is extortionate, especially for such a small item !:shock:

Here's some alternatives you may wish to consider:

] £24.99


Sorry for the slight thread hijack CWhatley

Thanks for the info.


Ah well, I got a few other bits'n'bobs too so its not so bad... I thought choco fountains were normally quite expensive.

Im pretty sure somewhere is doing the same one you got for £19.99, Jonno... Argos? Cant remember - it's here on the HUKD forums though.

They used to be really expensive... £80++ expensive when they first came out.

amazon sellers have them for loads less!!!
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