Alton Towers Resort 50% off

Alton Towers Resort 50% off

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Alton Towers Resort 50% off

Book online before 12pm on Weds

Gift website Buy a Gift is currently offering 50% off Alton Towers Resort tickets. Its selling adult tickets for £18 and kids tickets for £13.50, half the usual on-the-day prices. Youll have to get in quick if you want them, as the promotion is due to end at 12pm on Wednesday 17 June.

To get the offer, go to the Buy a Gift offer page and book your tickets online. The Print and Go ticketing option lets you print your ticket for free. Alton Towers standard online prices are £29 for adults and £22 for kids, so the discountll save you £11 on an adult ticket and £8.50 on a kids ticket bought online.

Use the offer to buy two adult tickets and itll cost the same as with a standard 2for1, but if youre buying an adult and a child ticket its £4.50 cheaper than using a 2for1 offer. Tickets are non-refundable, so make sure you check your dates before you go.


Great deal but don't forget if you use Tesco clubcard vouchers you can get your ticket for £9.50 each so £20.50 cheaper than normal adult ticket or £12.50 cheaper than a normal child ticket

HEAT ADDED - Thanks for that have booked for 2 adults 2 kids 1 under 4 for £63 on 15th august

Thanks this is something I've been hoping to find for a while. Can I just check that you mean midnight Wednesday for the expiry, not lunchtime... (I just had fun with wikipedia finding out that 12am and 12pm both logically mean midnight, and neither means noon, but that was new information). If you meant lunchtime I've got some arranging to do!

I've just been told by my better half that ASDA-Gifts is also offering this:…009

Not sure how long their offer runs for though


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do these print and go tickets give you entrance an hour early? (9am)

Are there any deals on maybe 2 days there with an overnight stay ? or could someone point me in the right direction please voted hot for this too..

I dont understand. It is showing ...
Ticket Type Gate Price Our Price You Save
Adult £36.00 £22.00 £14.00
Child £27.00 £22.00 £5.00

Where are you getting the Adult £18 & Child £13.50 from ???
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