Alton Towers Splash Landings 2 day 'Tots Stay & Play' via lastminute.com
Alton Towers Splash Landings 2 day 'Tots Stay & Play' via lastminute.com

Alton Towers Splash Landings 2 day 'Tots Stay & Play' via lastminute.com

I've just booked a 'tots stay & play' deal via lastminute.com for Splash Landings hotel for 1 night, B&B with 2 days water park and 2 days theme park for £153 for 2 adults and 2 kids (5 & 6) for Mid April. The AT website wanted £222 for the same package but without the water park.


Enjoy - I was there in Jaunary for a conference and stayed at Splash Landings - it was okay, the decor was a tad eclectic but the room was clean. I would ask for a view of the waterpark out the front though as my view out the back of a rubbish strewn stream was not one I would have paid for!

The waterpark looked great though and i'm sure kids would love it.

Just one word of warning - the hotel is very isolated right at the back of the park so you really have no choice but to eat in the restaurants on site and they ain't cheap!

We stayed thurs night, hotel is fab for kids, entertainment on night, great, we paid £55 for b&b for the 4 of us, had park tickets already through tesco clubcard, seems a good deal though for a night and both parks both days, voted hot, i'd defo recommend . Top tip, get to the park (alton towers) for 9 and go straight to Rita!! We went in yesterday (fri) and although the turnstiles are open, at the bottom of where the shops are there is staff with a big rope stopping people getting into the park inless u have a hotel pass or fasttrack (i think) until 10am. Rita was so busy all day, we didn't go before 10 but wish we had after qing for an hour or so!! Oh and if a family with kiddies who can't go on big rides but both adults want too, get a pass from ticket place so one q's (on own, go down single person q, quicker!!) get the ticket marked by staff on ride then other half gets straight on next ride or can go down fast track q depending on ride, it says on ticket. Hope this helps some peeps xx

'Stayed there - Kids will love it - the water "park" isn#t that big and is ok for a day or 2 at max, be warned all the "extras" are VERY expensive, the bar drinks were more expensive than a 5* hotel near by.

If you have kids etc take the normal drinks/sweets/treats and go and get from the car (which will be parked

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Thanks for the tips, we intended to take our own food for day 1 and snacks for day 2. Thought we'd leave and get there early to do AT on day 1 then the WP on day 2. DS is disabled so we get exit passes and have strict routines so we have to eat at 5pm anyway so will get something from the park - but they are both young and so we won't be going for the big rides really as it is not fair on him while others wait in the queue and as DD is too small it'll be the small ones.

And full English Breakfast. Is it buffet does anyone know?? And what time does the restaurant open? DS gets up early and wants to eat as soon as.

I did see that you could get a Platinum Fastpass for a whopping price of £75!!! Who really wants to be riding the fast rides all day?? Crazy!!

How do you find this deal on last minute?

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I just put the date in and that is what it came up with. Click on the hotels tab at the top and then just put 'Alton Towers' and it comes up with all the hotels in the AT area. If it does not show then the hotel is not available that night. I looked for 18th April and it was not there so not available, checked another date and it came up. It quoted me £110 just for the hotel so was happy with £153 for everything else added.

Just to add that Holiday Inn at Chessington World of Adventures has a good deal as well, we pai £123 for a night and admission to CWOA for 4 of us with full cooked buffet breakfast too.

Breakfast is a full buffet - everything you can think off and lots of it, you can fill yourself up and not need to eat all day. Agree the food at the hotel is expensive but if you go for the carib creek buffet there is a good choice for dinner. Roasts, chinese, Indian, Italian and lots for the kids, all is self service. Think drinks were extra at dinner. Kids loved the ice cream machine and the chocolate fountain which is all included.

Think the restaurant opened at 7.30. Good tip posted earlier about getting to the park early, you can be first on the big rides.

Did you book a themed room? In the coke room you get an old fashioned coke fridge full of coke and chocolate and lots of gagets to keep the kids happy - even sound effects!!

In all the rooms they give you full size toiletries also.

thanks just book for bank holiday weekend for that price!!!!treat...

Deal now sold out :-(
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