Alto's Adventure FREE on Win 10
Alto's Adventure FREE on Win 10

Alto's Adventure FREE on Win 10

Alto's Adventure is a free game on Win 10. It has 1000 Gamerscore if that gets your joystick wagging. It does have adverts but you can easily skip them all together. Its a small file size and not a bad game. Think Eddie the Eagle does a Mario run but with skis and the scarf from Journey whilst trying to catch animals.


Brilliant little chillout game...

Weird, the 'get game' button doesn't do anything for me on Chrome or FF.
No joy on Edge either. It just says I need to install a new app to use the store, but then the dialog box won't do anything.
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good little game, gets very challenging. Some of the acheivements are a very long grind which I cant see many people getting as the game is quite basic.

Why is this a deal, this has always been FREE

Thanks for the heads up. Got it on the phone but having 1000G is a bonus.

I'm not really a gamer but this is the one thing I play on my phone. I've completed it now and can give some pointers:

Go for the coin magnet boosts first, but don't get too many of them, as the main aim within the first few levels is to get enough coins to buy the wingsuit, which you will need for much of the game. If you keep levelling up the coin magnet then that'll cost too much, defeating the object. Level it up completely after getting the wingsuit.

Ignore the llama horn - it's pretty much useless apart from near the end for a few challenges.

Best way to get trick points in later levels is to fly between grinds and throw in things like flying under bunting arches before the grind, rock bounces etc.

For most of the game you're going to want to use Maya, who you get after completing 10 levels (or 20? can't remember). I got through almost all levels with her and the only other workable character (apart from character-specific challenges) for my money is the guy you get for the last ten levels - but he takes a fair bit of getting used to after Maya.
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