Aluminium 300 Disc DJ Carry Case Silver Delivered £11.99 @ UKDVDR
Aluminium 300 Disc DJ Carry Case Silver Delivered £11.99 @ UKDVDR

Aluminium 300 Disc DJ Carry Case Silver Delivered £11.99 @ UKDVDR

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This sturdy aluminium framed disc case holds 300 discs in an easy access system.
Features filing cabinet style suspended sleeves, each holding 2 discs.


- Locking clip for extra security (keys are included in the case)
- 4 discs per sleeve (2 front, 2 back)

DJ's or people with a large collection of discs require specialist storage. After looking long and hard, we have found a solution which we think will be ideal.
This is the disc equivalent of the type of case that DJ's have traditionally used for vinyl storage.
The strong metallic finish case holds strong plastic indexed sleeves (sleeves are included) which will keep a large collection of discs safe and organised.


Original Poster

Just Think all that porn you can stash away under lock and key :-D

wonder if this is big enough to hold a ps3 slim?

Waiting for some customer feedback before I buy. Some of their cases are dreadful.

Great price, however there are many similar units to this all about £15-20 or less, and probably all about the same quality, poor.

With a large collection of DVD's, I decided to use one of these to store them in, with all the cover sleeves in a flip album, a neat solution, which saves a lot of space.However, when I'd only got it half full, I went to lift it, with the large sturdy looking handle, and the whole lid fell apart, leaving me holding a the top and handle, and my case, and discs all flung over the floor, some obviously damaged.It seems to be made from extremely thin plywood, stapled together, then coated in metallic looking fablon type stuff, with a lightweight glued and riveted metal frame holding it all together, no where near strong enough really for the weight of the 150 discs that were inside, let along 300.I modified my case in the end, with a more rivets, and angle brackets, but I still don't trust it, so personally, I'd say if you value your collection, you'd be better to use more, but smaller capacity cases, which is what I've done now, unless you can afford the professional DJ versions of these, which are obviously much better made.

So despite the appealing price, on the basis, that it isn't really fit for it's purpose, it's cold from me I'm afraid.


wonder if this is big enough to hold a ps3 slim?

Nope, the PS3 is too deep.

Anyway I bought 1 of these a year or so back when they were on offer. Very good product. Much better then messing about with all those low capacity wallets.
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