Aluminium Folding 3 step Ladder £24.99 @ Aldi

Aluminium Folding 3 step Ladder £24.99 @ Aldi

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Found 26th Oct 2013
Picked one of these up earlier today and have to say it is very good quality, folds up nicely so takes up minimal room when not in use and very light to carry at just under 3kg. It was to replace a steel 2 step ladder that I previously owned for a couple of years until it felt unsafe to use wobbling about, this however looks and feels like it will last a lifetime, with the added advantage of having steps either side, aluminium and a little bit taller at 60cm making it perfect for those hard to reach places around the home, especially useful when cleaning the roof of the 4x4 as aluminium does not rust.

It may be more expensive then other similar folding ladders but check they are aluminium and 3 steps, not 2,

Searching other websites it seems to be this products here that retails on Amazon at over £40 and over £50 most other places.…y_1
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£20 in B&Q in store pontypridd. Assuming its all stores.

£20 in B&Q in store pontypridd. Assuming its all stores.

Yeah, I've noticed Aldi are getting a bit up themselves lately. Some of their stuff is way over priced these days.
They are getting expensive with a lot of stuff like this lately I agree. you see the same things they had a few months or more back, and the prices have risen quite a lot this time round. you think twice about buying anything now.

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