Alvin and chipmunks watch £1.99 delivered. Great stocking filler.

Alvin and chipmunks watch £1.99 delivered. Great stocking filler.

Found 1st Dec 2009
Alvin and chipmunks watch to celebrate the upcoming new film 'The Squeakuel'.

You can order more than 1 but it is £1.99 fee per watch.
Hope this is good for someone, I haven't posted an offer before so hope it doesn't upset anyone!
Sorry that I don't know how to add pic.



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Thanks Lulu


Thanks for posting. I have added an image to your post.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : -…hr/
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Note it says delivery within 28 days and all orders completed by end January 2010, so might not be here for Christmas Day. Also late orders will not be honoured and no refunds. It doesn't actually say when the closing date is for placing an order as far as I can see (Maybe it's 28 days ahead of the end of January when they say they will have completed all orders.). Still for £1.99 it would be a good stocking filler if it arrives.
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