AlwaysReady Intelligent LCD Display 1 Hour Battery Charger - Half Price at Maplin Electronics - £14.99

AlwaysReady Intelligent LCD Display 1 Hour Battery Charger - Half Price at Maplin Electronics - £14.99

Found 9th Jul 2010
Be gentle with me, this is my first post!

Bought one of these from my local Maplin store in Chester the other day.

It's fantastic!

You also get 4 AA always ready 2100mAh batteries. These batteries will keep 80% of their charge for upto a year.

It charges my 2800mAh in less than an hour! (4 AA's)

Here's the blurb off their website.

Fast charger for AA and AAA rechargeable AlwaysReady ™ and standard NiMH batteries
4 independent charging channels will charge 1 to 4 batteries at a time
Supplied with 4 x 2100mAh AA AlwaysReady™ rechargeable batteries
Easy to read LCD screen displays charging status and alerts to defective batteries
Adjusts automatically to any voltage from AC 100-240V for international use (travel adaptor will be required, not included)
Includes 12V car cigarette lighter plug
Detects bad cells and non rechargeable batteries
''Negative delta V'' detection switches off charger when batteries are fully charged
Timer control, reverse polarity, over current and short circuit protection
Full discharge function to reduce memory effect
Low current leakage
Trickle charge function
Zero voltage jump start to kick start charging of dead batteries
New series and pulse charging technology
Automatic charging current selection for AA and AAA
These AlwaysReady nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries offer amazing value for money. Up to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles can be expected and a single charge outlasts most standard alkaline batteries. This makes these the ideal choice for today’s battery-hungry digital devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, hand-held games etc.
These AlwaysReady™ batteries come pre-charged so can be used straight out of the pack – no need to wait for them to charge. They also have a very low discharge rate and will hold their charge for up to 1 year.


This looks good but how does it compare to say this one?…029


Remember: the faster you charge your batteries the lesser time they will last.

Do any of the slow chargers have full discharge and overcharging prevention features?

are these better than the lidl one's that go on sale on the 15th ?

Don't know why this is so cold. I have bought one and it is indeed fast and the LCD display is really useful. Seems as if they are a repected brand on the continent. Heat added
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