Amarula 70cl £9 in Sainsburys
Amarula 70cl £9 in Sainsburys

Amarula 70cl £9 in Sainsburys

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Saw these down from around £11 to £9 in my local Sainsburys. Shame they were all gone though, it's lovely stuff. Not sure how long the offer is on for though.
It is online as well.


The offer is online too.

Mmmmmm the sweet sweet taste of the African savannah, it’s either that or the cold rusty blade of Joseph Unboogoos machete in the mouth as he alleviates you of your passports, money and forcibly takes your land rover!


Hotter than a long walk home through the Serengeti.


I still have the 2 bottles I bought for £7 each when it was last on offer at Sainsburys.

Anyone ever see that thing with the drunken baboons?!!!


Here they are!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtPplZnPuMA

Very good ElBuc... I nearly turned it off, but about half way through really starts to get [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]REALLY [/COLOR]funny. Thought the monkey at the end scoring with another monkey was good! A monkey with beer goggles! :-D

class :-D:-D:-D
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