Amax Snowbird Trainer Plane RTF was £114.99 now £59.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles !!!

Amax Snowbird Trainer Plane RTF was £114.99 now £59.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles !!!

Found 3rd Nov 2009
Amax Snowbird Trainer Plane RTF was £114.99 now £59.99!!

Wing span - 880mm
Length - 740mm
Wing Area - 11.3dm2
Flying weight - 360g
Wing Loading - 31.9g/dm2
Motor - 180 motor
Battery - 7.2V 650mah Ni-Mh battery
ESC - 15A
Servos - 2pcs; Weight 7g; Torque: 4.8V 1.6kg-cm; Speed: 4.8V/0.1sec/60 Size: 21.8 x 11 x 19.8mm
USB Simulator cable
Two main wings: thick one for beginner, thin one for experienced pilot
Frequencies: 35MHz / 36MHz / 40MHz / 41MHz / 72MHz


that looks the coolest thing ever, apart from those things you can get for men at Ann Summers.

Wow. So tempted. I mean, would make a great Xmas prezzie but I´m thinking of the fun I could have!

Anyone got one similar? Are they vaguely flyable? I imagine the first time out it would come smashing down on to some random concrete...

Seems ok for the money. The straight wing will make it less stable than if it had dyhedral (wings more like a shallow v shape). I see it had a USB dongle which might let you plug the transmitter in to a PC. If so then get in hours of stick time, fly circuits and control it as it comes towards you as this is the hard part is the control is reversed. Stick left makes the model turn right as it comes towards you. My tip when it is flying towards you is push the stick to keep the wing up. So as it flies towards you if the left wing is down push the stick over to the left.

thanks aerotec. I was thinking of buying this for the missus since she likes flying kites but has this uncanny knack of getting the lines all messed up.

With that in mind and your advice also, I suspect this may be a bridge too far.
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