Amazing Alison Doll £30

Amazing Alison Doll £30

Found 24th Nov 2006
New Amazing Alison listens, speaks and shows emotion like a real girl! She is truly "Amazing" and sure to be your new best friend! Comes with interactive play accessories including a mobile phone, smoothie, magazine and hair brush.

Now £30 (previously £70)


Thanks for this Mikzos Link now points to Alison.

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Thanks Rayman:) & Emma too!

[SIZE=2]And I've added a wee piccy of Alison [/SIZE]




She really listens and understands YOU. From chatting on her cell phone to talking to you about her favourite fashions, music & movies, Alison is a lot like you. As you get to know her, Alison get's to know YOU- your likes dislikes, favourites and more! After all...that's what best friends do.
[*]Tell her your favourite smoothie flavour, sport or the kind of music you like. Alison will remember and can talk to you about it later.
[*]As Alison gets to know you better, she'll also tell you more about her own likes and dislikes.[/LIST]Amazing Alison knows her way around phones, food and fashion!
[*]Alison has the gift of gab! She loves to chat on her cell phone with you and her friends. Help her choose a cool ring tone.
[*]She loves for you to style her hair. She's so smart, she knows whether she's wearing her cute barrettes or headband!
[*]She knows when she's wearing her own cool clothes, shoes and accessories.[/LIST]Amazing Alison expresses real emotions!
[*]Happy, sad, excited, tired and more...Alison's facial expressions change to match her mood- just like yours!
[*]If she'd sad, you cheer her up. After all you're her best friend![/LIST][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]Amazing Alison loves to play games with you!
[*]You can play Simon Says, Pet Shop & Truth or Dare.
[*]It's also lots of fun to check out horoscopes, take the fashion tips quiz or the personality quiz.[/LIST]Amazing Alison knows the day, date and time!
[*]She's totally 24/7! Is today a holiday? Time for a snack? Amazing Alison is always dialled in!
[*]Alison even remembers when you were born so she can wish you Happy Birthday on your special day![/LIST]5 years+

What a bargain! :thumbsup: - just ordered one for our daughters 5th birthday, she'll be over the moon, thanks a lot :-D

Anyone know if they are any good?

Found this if it helps anyone to see better.
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