Amazing Cross Cut Shredder £34.99 @ Amazon

Amazing Cross Cut Shredder £34.99 @ Amazon

Found 26th Nov 2009
I have just received this shredder from Amazon and it is amazing!

It handles multiple sheets easily and cuts discs without any problem too.

Especially useful for high volume which is great for me as I save my waste up and then shred it the day before the recycling collection.

The features are great, safety lock especially.

The reviews on it are amazing too.

It is bigger and better built than the usual flimsy high street models. Plus has a two year warranty on the whole product and a three year warranty on the blades assembly.

Excellent VFM.

Free delivery always helps too........


I'd want it to cook chips for £35 !!


Title should be appropriate & suitable for searching ... amended

Not sure that it's amazing - it's a cross cut shredder! Amazon reviews are mixed - mostly good, though. Nice price too, with free delivery - but not amazing!

Amazing? Perhaps you've never heard of TV?:-D


I'd want it to cook chips for £35 !! ;o)

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