*Amazing deal* Samsung GX1L dSLR inc two lenses: 18-55mm + 50-200mm D-Xenon

*Amazing deal* Samsung GX1L dSLR inc two lenses: 18-55mm + 50-200mm D-Xenon

Found 21st Aug 2006
Amazingly low price for the Samsung GX1L dSLR including 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses and 2 year warranty. Grab it before it gets out of stock!

Main Features: 6.1 Mega Pixels, D-SLR - Schneider Lenses - Pentax KAF Mount, Bright Pentamirror Viewfinder ( 96% Coverage ), Continuous Shooting 2.8 Per Sec, TTL phase-matching 5 points wide AF, Shutter Range : 30 - 1/4,000 sec. with Bulb, Metering Range : TTL 16-segment,Multi,Center-weighted,Spot, Program AE, Shutter/Aperture/Manual Priority Modes, Scene Selection : Night scene, Surf&snow, Text, Sunset, kids, Pet, Candle light, Museum, Self Timer : 2 - 12 sec, SD Card Slot - Max 1Gb, USB 2.0 High Speed, 4x AA or 2x CR-V3, Batteries required, 2.5" TFT LCD Screen.


A very decent camera (don't be put off by Samsung brand - this is the same thing as Pentax *ist DL) and excellent price. Nice find!

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I have used the Pentax *ist DL before (to which this one is almost identical) and the handling and ergonomics are exceptional. And that's what's most importanant in a camera. All the dSLRs are capable of producing great quality images, but in the end if the camera is just "nice" and quick to use, it will get used much more than some more expensive, but hard-to-use camera.

A very decent review ]here

That site is having technical difficulties at the minute - and I can't spot a delivery charge on there. Any ideas?



[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Large items in Mainland Britain are only £8 for … [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Large items in Mainland Britain are only £8 for Courier delivery i.e. Camcorders, Digital and Analogue cameras, lenses, flashguns and tripods. [/SIZE][/FONT]

I'll add the delivery cost to the main post kemot - we try to include that as well to keep members informed.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I'm having trouble at Jacob's website too..

Its also available ]here for £415.96 including delivery - good reviews on froogle, but that's all I know of this etailer.
£429.89 (+£9.99 delivery) at ]Dixons and ]Currys

I've been trying it with codes and dixons and currys, but not having much luck. The best I could get was knocking a tenner off the currys price... I think they are canceling or changing a lot of their codes.

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Jacobs website is recently misbehaving. Sometimes it works without any problems and sometimes I have to wait about a minute for it to load.

Also, you can get free "delivery" if you just go to any of the Jacobs high street stores - I've seen quite a lot of them in central London. You'll also get to play with the camera before you buy it. Plus they are also quite keen on making discounts, so I'm sure you can ask them nicely to make it £375 in store.

Its not a bad deal, but there are better out there. When it comes to DSLR cameras the only ones I'd consider are Nikon's and Canons.

You should be able to pick up a Canon EOS 350D for around that price if you shop around, which is an all together better camera.

The only seller for me with this deal is you get two lenses, the 50-200 is a nice extra - something you don't get by standard with the Canons.

Just my 0.2c


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Personally I use D50. But if someone doesn't want to spend a fortune on lenses, then this deal is a great alternative to a "point and shoot" prosumer camera.
[SIZE=2]If I was looking for a dSLR camera and I had only £400, I'd prefer to get this one with two lenses rather than a Nikon D50 (or Canon 350D) with just the kit lens. Having used both the equivalent Pentax and the D50 I can tell no difference in image quality or build quality. That's with prints up to A3 in size. So I don't think that the entry-level dSLRs should be only limited to the Nikons and Canons. For the more professional solutions, these two brands have the best models in their classes, but for the entry level, I really think other brands are worth considering, including sony, pentax, panasonic, samsung.[/SIZE]

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Sony a.k.a Minolta, Panasonic a.k.a Leica, Samsung a.k.a Pentax and so on

Oh, I forgot about Epson but then they don't do dSLR, just rangefinders (VERY expensive though).

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Might be worth holding out for good deals on the D70s with the D80 just round the corner.........

Available for £387 delivered from Curry or Dixons with the appropriate free delivery 5% off and Egg card:grin:

Feel free to post which codes you used to get it for that price twinkle. I could not get the codes working to get it any lower than about £409.
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