Amazing Designer Bed With LED Light Multi Colour Head Board Black ebay  crazypricebeds  - £249

Amazing Designer Bed With LED Light Multi Colour Head Board Black ebay crazypricebeds - £249

Found 19th Jan 2013
not a deal as such but looks fun.
249 delivered and installed in room.
double or king size.
Madrid Bed With LED Light Headboard - A Truly Modern Classic

The best selling beautifully designed European designer bed exclusively distributed by Crazy Price Beds is now available with a unique multi - colour LED headboard. This simply stunning bed with LED display creates the ultimate contemporary fashion statement. We supply this bed via a pre booked 2 man white glove delivery service to room of choice ensuring a trouble free delivery

This bed benefits from a sprung slatted bas for ultimate comfort and also to maintain your mattress in the best possible condition


DoubleW170xL215cmHB73cm - KingW185xL223cm HB73cm

LED Display

The Led display features a 16 colour LED light bulb, supplied with wireless remote control that emits 4 basic colours White Red Green and Blue. In addition to the static fixed colour you can select any of the following modes strobe, flash, fade or smooth. This is the ultimate party light controller

Wireless Remote Control Features

Up: Brightness up

Down: Brightness down

Off: Power off

On: Power on

R: Color change to Red

G: Color change to Green

B: Color change to Blue

W: Color change to White

FLASH: Auto-change colors, fast skip

STROBE: Auto-change colors, slow skip

FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade

SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade

Other no-letter buttons: For color-mix.

Mattress offer to go with your new bed

Add a 20cm deep luxury Sleep Design memory foam mattress supplied with free Maxicool removable / washable cover from only £109.00 double size.(No additional delivery charge) This mattress will fit perfectly in this bed and give you the perfect night's sleep. To place an order please chose the add mattress option
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This listing (570121732289) has been removed, or this item is not available.
sorry cant get the link to work
thats odd

thanks m the link moved while i was posting for some reason
Now item number 271087781487.

But why would you want this behind you where you can't see it? Ridiculous idea,
white, reading light.. red , no nookie . green, go ahead.. strobing party mode :s porn star ????:p

not a deal as such but looks fun....

Not a deal? So why post it.

It's not Fun UK Deals you know (won't post the acronym for that)
prices range from 349 to 799 online, so a hot deal as well as a fun deal
cold from me as no vibration built in!

cold from me as no vibration built in!

Course it's cold it's the "Coolest bed in the world" going off their advertising shown in deal picture.
Hiya, purchased this bed but can't figure out why the lights don't change with the control , they won't go off red?? Is there a sensor or something if so where is it
email where you bought it or consult the manual ?
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