Amazing Lindt assorted dark chocolate advent calendar now £12.99 from Ocado

Amazing Lindt assorted dark chocolate advent calendar now £12.99 from Ocado

Found 18th Nov 2013
It's really rare to come across such an amazing advent calendar and this one is now down from £15.99!

Physics oh yeah!
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250g assorted chocs. I think £14.00 is steep.
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It is very rare to find a good quality advent calendar, which actually has dark chocolate! Perhaps if more people purchased items such as this then the market would respond by producing similar products, and competition would push the prices down. At the moment, probably Lindt has relatively high fixed costs in designing these compared to relatively low sales. Come on people, please pay that little bit extra wherever possible for those rare dark chocolate products so that ultimately they will become more normal!
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Also as I cannot find any similar products on the market (i.e. advent calendars with assorted [only dark] chocolates), there is nothing to compare the standard price against (and indeed the percentage mark-up against the value of the chocolates is a lot less than for most advent calendars as they are so superior); the fact that it is on offer is civilized! Think about it, if you are buying these for a family of 5 then this is a saving of nearly £10 which could be spent on, say, a marron glace for everyone to enjoy at Christmas!
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Now £12.99!
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