Amazing Micro flying helicopter reduced to £24.95!! (or £23.90 delivered, using voucher)

Amazing Micro flying helicopter reduced to £24.95!! (or £23.90 delivered, using voucher)

Found 12th Jan 2007
This is the coolest mini helicopter ever, and it looks like firebox has knocked £5 off the price (used to be £29.95). My uncle got one of these for Christmas and it is the best fun- its really tiny but you can fly it around quite easily with a bit of practice, getting it to hover etc. I've now ordered another one for my cousin and one for myself. If you get them on different channels you can fly them at the same time.

Firebox description:
Ready-to-fly straight out the box, this palm-sized IR flying machine is perfect for indoor flights. And it won't blow off the boss's toupee or decapitate the dog, even in a head-on collision, as it's only 17cm long and weighs a mere 10g. More importantly it won't fall to bits, as it's constructed from robust polypropylene foam.

I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously fun.


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Some more pictures

These are just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on !

Bought 3 for christmas presents, on different channels so all can be flown together.

Another alternative could be a red version of what i think is a similar craft...…tml
which sells for 24.99 from

Thanks for this, just ordered one for my Birthday

Don't forget Quidco for extra 10% off - it has tracked for me at £1.95, so should mean I get it for £21.95


Thanks widget, looks like loadsa fun :thumbsup: Thanks for the alternative too jelli

This looked so good I just ordered one for myself...Well I'm just a big kid really...

Couldn't resist after watching all those videos on the firebox site of this product in action...Can't wait for it to arrive now...:giggle:

Got it for £23.90 all in including delivery with the £5 voucher off....Top price voted hot...:thumbsup:

I got one of these for a present and to be honest I dont think its that impressive

Go back to bed Boy....:-D

got one of these for christmas... very good fun and highly recommended/

My dad and I got one each for christmas, theyre great fun for combat! This is a good price too, just about everywhere else has these for £30 and theyre the proper Picooz ones, not one of the cheaper copies.

Some tips for flying them: Add all the little weight strips to the nose, or they just kinda spin on the spot. I added a little blutack to mine too. I put a little metal screw on the front and its really quite speedy now

Also try putting some tape on the boom, but make sure it doesnt go too far back to cover the airflow from the tail rotor. This stops it being so twitchy to turn. I can do controlled circuits and figures of 8 with mine now.

how long do they last before you need to recharge them? and are they indoor or outdoor use? thanks

Please Note:

* For ages 8+
* Charge time approximately 30 minutes.
* Flight time approximately 10 minutes.

In reality, you probably get a little less flying time than that. They're indoor only, and even then they get affected by air currents running through the house.

I had one of these for Christmas from my Bro. I genuinely still use it every day and rate it as one of my best pressies EVER. It's so much fun once you've weighted the front (for forward motion). I've already purchased a few hop-ups for mine: a carbon main shaft and bearings. Once installed the heli will run more efficiently, resulting in longer flight times (and it'll be more responsive and quieter apparently).

Mine seems to only take 10 minutes to charge, and I get three or so minutes of flight. Weird.

Oh.. And my brother and Dad have one each now too (on different frequencies).

When used with the 5 quid voucher its a bargain. I ordered mine earlier.

You can get these on eBay for £15. The come from Japan, but arrive in less than a week and are just the same as this one. You don't pay tax as it's under £30.

The come from Japan, but arrive in less than a week and are just the same … The come from Japan, but arrive in less than a week and are just the same as this one.

I disagree. I know someone who purchased a "fake" and it was nowhere near as controllable as the genuine PicooZ. Just view a few micro heli forums for stories about these copies; they might look the same, but they're definitely not... The Picooz (or PiccoZ) is the original and the only genuine article.

Yeah, got one of these for Christmas too. Still mastering it. I can make it go up and down, but it seems to have a mind of its own when I try and turn it. Great fun though. :thumbsup:


Yeah, got one of these for Christmas too. Still mastering it. I can make … Yeah, got one of these for Christmas too. Still mastering it. I can make it go up and down, but it seems to have a mind of its own when I try and turn it. Great fun though. :thumbsup:

Have you added some weight to the nose? Bluetack works well as it's easy to adjust the weight to achieve the desired speed. The heli is definitely easier to control with a bit of forward movement. There are quite a few good forums and sites for "modding" the PicooZ.

I guess I got lucky. Mine is great fun and fly's really well.


Got my discount code now and ordered my little helie! Always wanted a rc helicopter but after witnessing what looked to be a very expensive one crash and burn on what looked to be its very first flight I got put off!

Got mine today and have been happily flying it around at work and in the living room tonight. Still mastering the controls - the advice about a bit of blutack on the nose is spot on!

What a fun gadget!! top marks.:)

Shhhhh! Your making my waiting harder! :roll:

I think mine will be here tomorrow!

[SIZE="1"]Hey, over here, OVER HERE! I'm 28 and three quarters, is it wrong of me to still get excited by things like this?![/SIZE] :?

Mine turned up today haven't had chance to play with it yet, but I will...:thumbsup: :giggle:

Compare price from IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) £29.95(+ £3.95 P&P) minus £10 if you take the total just over £30...(by how much is up to you) AND 10% cashback via Quidco.

PicooZ Micro Helicopter
To describe the X Rotor Micro Helicopter - or Pico Z for short - as small is rather like saying that the Pacific Ocean is quite big and somewhat on the damp side. **£29.95 **

Shameless self-publicist...the IWOOT thread is mine!

just ordered mine from used $5 discount voucher they sent me for hd-dvd titles i ordered for 10 cents each on there web site which was an error on there part so they sent me a cost including postage was £18.63p.just hope i dont get import vat added.

Mine arrived it goes up and down but when i turn it just spins, need to get it running as i want to try and land on the mrs head when she falls asleep.


Just got mine (charging now) but the throttle stick's default position is down (if that makes sense?), is this correct?

Also I understand blue tack can help speed but would the aluminum labels that are provided with the copper be as effective?

the throttle's default is down, else it would take off as soon as you turned the motors on.. it's like the gas pedal of your car being set to 'off', else as soon as you put in gear you'd drive away..

also, to stop it spinning, you have to trim the copter by pressing the lower of the two L/R buttons. Keep it pushed down and it should stop spinning.

Stick the labels onto the front to add weight to get more forward movement.. but first I'd try just practising hovering without any add-ons at all. The most important thing to master is the throttle control.. as you apply more, it'll tend to spin more etc. Once you've got that mastered, then try modding it.

Thanks for this and all the info guys Welcome to HotUKDeals new members here too ;-)

Have just ordered one of these, got a free Wilkinson Sword Razor thrown in too
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