Amazing price Plus One Smart Watch £15 Wilko

Amazing price Plus One Smart Watch £15 Wilko

Found 24th Nov
The Plus One Smartwatch is designed to fit comfortably on your wrist, allowing you to control features on your smartphone with ease and comfort. The fully interactive touchscreen allows remote access to multi-functional applications, such as making and receiving phone calls, reading text messages and tracking your daily steps. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this smartwatch connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Functions include:
Hands free: support for making and receiving calls with it's built-in speaker and microphone. (Android and iOS).
Notifications on the go: SMS, Facebook, Twitter and many other notifications and timely information (Android only).
Social: Sync your phonebook for easy viewing and to make calls (Android only).
Remote Shutter: Take photos on your smartphone with a touch of a button on your wrist (Android only).
Clock Functions: View the time, set alarms and time yourself with the stopwatch (Android and iOS).
Health Tracking: Built-in Pedometer (Android and iOS).
Music: Play your music files directly on your wrist (Android only).
Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Talk time: Up to 3 hours. Standby Time: Up to 160 hours.

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Good price but probably garbage smartwatch

Good price but probably garbage smartwatch

Word on the street is this is the new James Bond watch to keep the movie budget down

Kirran46 m ago

Good price but probably garbage smartwatch

With smartwatches it really is a case of, you get what you pay for.

This sort of tat can be bought from Amazon for a tenner with free p&p.

Or even as low as £7.49 delivered from a UK supplier on eBay if you search.

New Model 2017 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone Wrist watch for Android and iOS

Very cheeky name.

I wouldn't bother.

£7.97 if you dont want to wait a month for Gearbest delivery...........Laptops Direct.…asp

Plus one?
Brand good.

known as the U8 on ebay at £5.99.


saqtheman11 m ago

Plus one? Ooh.Brand good.

Not to be confused with the OnePlus

imcomyou10 m ago

Not to be confused with the OnePlus

Didn't quite get what I did there, did you? 🙄
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